SILVANI, Gherardo
(b. 1579, Firenze, d. 1675, Firenze)

San Gaetano: Façade

Piazza Antinori, Florence

The church of San Gaetano, also known as Santi Michele e Gaetano, was built for the Theatine order, who obtained funding from the noble families in Florence, including the Medicis. Cardinal Carlo de' Medici was particularly concerned with the work, and his name is inscribed on the façade. Building took place between 1604 and 1648. The original designs were by Bernardo Buontalenti but a number of architects had a hand in building it, each of whom changed the design. The two most important architects were Matteo Nigetti and Gherardo Silvani.

The façade with its sculptural decorations is highly atypical for Florentine churches, which had a predilection for iconoclastic geometrically ornamented façades.