SUSTRIS, Lambert
(b. ca. 1515, Amsterdam, d. after 1560, Venezia)

Hall of the "all'antica" figures

Villa dei Vescovi, Luvigliano di Torreglia

The Villa dei Vescovi was designed by Giovanni Maria Falconetto. The villa still contains some of its original frescoes which are attributed to Lambert Sustris. The most representative space is the so-called hall of the all'antica figures which retains its original proportions and pictorial decoration by Sustris.

The lower register of the walls is divided by faux marble Corinthian pilasters that frame aedicules, within which, against alternating green and purple drapery, are seated male and female figures dressed in classical style and depicted in oratorical poses. These aedicules alternate with niches containing faux marble statues. In the upper register, faux herms (above the pilasters) flank trophies of arms and vases (above the niches) and landscapes with mythological figures (above the seated figures).

The decorative motif in this room was clearly imported from Rome.