TESSIN, Nicodemus the Younger
(b. 1654, Nyköping, d. 1728, Stockholm)

Exterior view

Tessin Palace, Stockholm

In 1690, Tessin married his mistress Hedvig Eleonora Stenbock (1658–1714), maid of honour of Queen Hedvig Elenora. However, at this time Tessin still belonged to the lesser nobility and his marriage to a woman from the high nobility was regarded as inappropriate. The marriage therefore had to take place secretly in Pomerania and, to repair the situation, Tessin had to produce a residence in accordance to his wife's status. Works on the Tessin Palace begun in 1694 and initially progressed slowly, but in 1697 Tessin and his family could move in and in 1701, two years after Tessin had been promoted to high nobility, the interior was completed to the extent Tessin could invite the widowed queen and the royal family to a supper.

His palace, built opposite the Royal Palace, is an architectural showpiece in which Tessin combined the ground plan of a French hôtel with architectural elements from Roman villas. The garden design resembled a stage set and the architectural structures were set out like monuments.