THUMB, Peter
(b. 1681, Bezau, d. 1766, Konstanz)

Interior view

Stiftsbibliothek, St. Gallen

The Abbey Library of St. Gall was founded by St. Othmar, the founder of the Abbey of St. Gall. During a fire in 937, the Abbey was destroyed, but the library remained intact. When the new monastery was built around 1760, the collegiate library was built at the same time. It contains over two thousand old manuscripts and one hundred thousand books. Construction was completed under the direction of Peter Thumb.

The Rococo space is divided vertically by four wall-piers on each side, which a gallery connects all the way round. The plasterwork was by Johann Georg (active 1738-1765) and Matthias (active 1760s) Gigl of Wessobrun, while the woodwork is by Brother Gabriel Loser. The ceiling painting is by Josef Wannenmacher (1722-1780).