TIBALDI, Pellegrino
(b. 1527, Puria (Valsolda), d. 1596, Milano)

Neptune and the Ship of Odysseus (scene 4)

Sala di Ulisse, Palazzo Poggi, Bologna

The cycle continues with the scene above the entry wall, in which Tibaldi tells the fateful consequence of the gift of the winds. As their ship nears their homeland of Ithaca and Odysseus sleeps, the companions, full of curiosity, open the bag of winds in secret. The escaping unfavourable winds push the ship back into the sea for new, long travels. In the foreground a relaxed Neptune, another giant, rests on his chariot, while to the left a dramatic group of horses of the sea rears up in view of the approaching winds. Neptune - without looking - controls the horses with the touch of his big toe.