TIBALDI, Pellegrino
(b. 1527, Puria (Valsolda), d. 1596, Milano)

The Sermon of John the Baptist

San Giacomo Maggiore, Bologna

The young Pellegrino Tibaldi, who was one of Daniele da Volterra's assistants in Rome, executed two murals in the newly constructed chapel of Cardinal Giovanni Poggi in San Giacomo, Bologna. The chapel, which is dedicated to John the Baptist, has an elaborate system of architectonic articulation. Tibaldi's frescoes (The Sermon of John the Baptist; Annunciation of the Birth of John the Baptist) are restricted to one large field each on the left and right walls. The frescoes are distinguished by unconventional iconography, learned allegory, and newly invented moments in history, that are at the same time commented on by painted manifestations in the heavens.

In the left-hand mural John is baptizing and preaching repentance, while angels in heaven are putting devils into chains.