TIEPOLO, Giovanni Battista
(b. 1696, Venezia, d. 1770, Madrid)

Rinaldo Abandoning Armida

Fresco, 220 x 310 cm
Villa Valmarana ai Nani, Vicenza

This scene is on the wall of the room of Tasso.

During the crusades, Rinaldo, who had allowed himself to be carried off to an island by the sorceress Armida, stayed away from the fighting. Two warriors were sent to bring him back. They discover him in Armida's enchanted garden and hold up to him a shield, as a mirror in which he recognizes that he has neglected his duties. He abandons the sorceress and returns to the battle. The scene is divided down the middle by a tree. Armida sits to its right and attempts to make Rinaldo stay. He is preparing to depart with his companions on the left. A ship awaits him in the background.

Suggested listening (streaming mp3, 8 minutes):
George Frideric Handel: Two arias, Rinaldo, Acts II and III