(b. ca. 1455, Borgonovo Val Tidone, d. ca. 1528, Piacenza)

Interior view

San Sepolcro, Piacenza

San Sepolcro, whose project is signed by Alessio Tramello, was built between 1513 and 1534 on commission of the Olivetan monks in the vicinity of the area where a church named after the Holy Sepulcher was located centuries ago.

Like San Sisto, it has a nave flanked by aisles and apsed outer chapels, but here the nave consists of two square groin-vaulted bays separated by narrow barrel-vaulted bays. The square aisle bays behind the latter are domed. There is an apse at each end of the transept, as at San Sisto, and the use of piers without capitals in the main elevation, which stresses the verticality of the composition, was also foreshadowed in the earlier building.

A design by Tramello for the church of San Sepolcro at Piacenza is kept in the parish archive of the Olivetan monastery of San Viottore al Corpo in Milan.

The photo shows the nave.

View the ground plan of San Sepolcro, Piacenza.