(b. ca. 1455, Borgonovo Val Tidone, d. ca. 1528, Piacenza)

Exterior view

Santa Maria di Campagna, Piacenza

Tramello's last surviving work, which he both designed and supervised, is the civic church of Piacenza, Santa Maria di Campagna (1522-26). The plan, in the form of a Greek cross, is developed from the scheme he used at San Sepolcro. A square, domed central bay is surrounded by pairs of shallower bays, with small domed square chapels at the corners. The exterior presents a strong contrast between the bare arms of the Greek cross and the complexity of the central lantern, with its two tiers of windows, and the four smaller lanterns of the corner chapels. The interior shows Tramello's ability to play the smaller spaces of the four chapels against the larger space of the Greek cross and to exploit the luminosity of the dome frescoed by Pordenone.