(b. 1841, Penzing, d. 1918, Wien)

Residential block

Neustiftgasse 40, Vienna

Wagner built the residential block on the corner of Neustiftgasse and Döblergasse in Vienna (1909), its upper four storeys with simple undecorated surfaces and window openings and its ground and first floor with black tiles applied in stripes and rectangles.

The two apartment buildings at Neustiftgasse 40 (1909) and Döblergasse 4 (1911) were erected on two adjacent parcels. They clearly show Otto Wagner's interpretation of the urban apartment building. In their simplicity, the buildings reflect socio-economic conditions.

In the Döblergasse building was the last city apartment of Otto Wagner, as well as his last studio. This building housed the Otto Wagner Archive from 1985 to 2003.