(active in 4th century in Catalonia)

Head of a woman

4th century
Roman villa, Centcelles

In one of the rooms of the 3rd-century Roman villa in Centcelles in Catalonia the entire dome is covered with 4th-century mosaics which represent the oldest Christian-themed dome mosaics of the Roman world. The walls below the domes contained frescoes fragments of which were restored. The picture shows a fragment depicting an expressive female head.

View the ground plan section of the villa. The mosaics and the fragment of painting are in the lower room in the centre.

During the 4th century, Hispanic Christian art reflected strong Roman and Mediterranean influences, and it is now mainly known by funerary pieces. The post-Constantinian mausoleum of Centcelles reflects influences from the style used for the construction of Santa Costanza in Rome.