(active c. 820 in Aachen)

Aachen Gospels

c. 820
Manuscript, 217 x 300 mm
Cathedral Treasury, Aachen

The Aachen Gospels (also called Treasury Gospels) is the name of a Carolingian illuminated manuscript, which was created at the beginning of the ninth century by a member of the Charlemagne court school (formerly known asa the Ada School). The Evangeliary belongs to a manuscript group which is referred to as the Group of the Vienna Coronation Gospels.

Alongside canon tables and one purple page, it is furnished with just a single miniature, yet this has become universally known. The miniature on folio 13r is closely related to the illusionistic painting of late antiquity and in a highly painterly style shows the four Evangelists with their respective symbols in a fantasy landscape. The spiritual scene is solemnly enclosed in a golden frame.