(active 802-810 in Saint-Denis)

Cassiodorus: Commentary on the Psalms

Manuscript (Ms. lat. 2195), 375 x 270 mm
Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris

Cassiodorus (c. 485-c. 585), was a Roman statesman and writer, serving in the administration of Theoderic the Great, king of the Ostrogoths. The composition of his Commentary on the Psalms (Expositio Psalmorum) can be allotted to the period 540-560. Cassiodorus deploys the psalms not only for the purposes of instruction in theology and hermeneutics, but also to inculcate a general education in eloquence.

The present Latin manuscript of 150 folios is a copy of Cassiodorus's commentary on the Psalms made at Saint-Denis in the style associated with Abbot Fardulphus (793-806).

The picture shows folio 9v which has an initial 'B' with the head of an elephant embellished with green and red.