(active around 1000)

Collection of Medical Texts

c. 1000
Manuscript (Plut. 74. 7)
Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana, Florence

This codex is a collection of medical works by Hippocrates, Galen, Oribasius, Asclepiades, Heliodorus, Apollonius of Citium and others. The writing of some of these authors are known to us only from this manuscript. The most important texts are by Apollonius of Citium (1st century B.C.), who writes on the resetting of fractured limbs - of which an example from folio 200 is illustrated here.

The manuscript was written by the doctor Niceta, probably in the imperial scriptorium in the time of Constantine VII Porphyrogenitos. The texts are illustrated by fifty-six miniatures, thirty of which are full-page and illustrate the text of Apollonius, each framed by an arch supported by Corinthian capitals.