(active around 980 in Valladolid)

Commentary on the Apocalypse

c. 980
Cathedral Library, Valladolid

The Spanish manuscripts relating to the commentary on the Apocalypse are often referred to as "Mozarabic," a term denoting the Moorish influence. Although the Christian Spaniard concerned themselves very little with the culture of the Moors, stylistic influences did nevertheless seep through. The influence of Moorish models can be seen in the pages full of rich colour and contrast, and in the basic colours of a golden yellow, a deep and glowing red and an earthy dark brown. Some details such as the saddles of the horses, some building formations, and some robes are also borrowed from the cultural milieu of the neighbouring Moors.

One of the earliest mentions of animals and birds in the Bible, Noah's Ark, shows a concern for their survival and endows one of them with its first symbolic associations: the dove of peace. The picture shows the depiction of Noah's Ark in this manuscript.