(active around 980 in Reichenau)

Egbert Psalter

c. 980
Manuscript (Ms. CXXXVI)
Museo Archeologico Nazionale, Cividale del Friuli

The Egbert Psalter (also known as the Gertrude Psalter or Trier Psalter) is a medieval illuminated manuscript associated with the Ottonian Renaissance.

It was originally created around the year 980 by the monks of the Abbey of Reichenau (a monk named Ruodprecht is mentioned in the original dedication) for Archbishop Egbert of Trier. In the mid-11th century, the book passed to Gertrude, wife of Iziaslav of Kiev. She included her prayer book as part of the codex and commissioned its illuminations, which curiously blend Byzantine and Romanesque traditions.

In the 12th century, the codex was in the possession of the Andechs-Merania family, and was given to Elizabeth of Hungary either by her mother, Gertrude of Merania, or by her aunt, Saint Hedwig of Andechs. According to a 16th-century note on folio 8r, Saint Elizabeth gave the codex to the cathedral of Cividale in 1229.

This folio depicts a saint from the Egbert Psalter.