(active 1170s in Paris or Sens)

Gratian: Decretals

Manuscript (Ms. Ludwig XIV 2), 443 x 291 mm
J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles

The Decretum Gratiani, a collection of Canon law compiled and written in the 12th century as a legal textbook by the jurist known as Gratian. A teacher at the University in Bologna sometime between 1140 and 1150, Gratian, who was also a monk, organized the study of church law with his compilation of the Decretum.

This manuscript is richly illuminated with two full-page miniatures and a variety of historiated and decorated initials that mark divisions of the text. The northern French Romanesque style of the illuminations was strongly influenced by English art.

The picture shows folio 63 with a historiated initial. It depicts a child who enters a monastery, behind him his father is his father holding money for an endowment.