(active 1225-1250 in Paris)

Bible moralisée

Manuscript (Harley MS 1527). 400 x 275 mm
British Library, London

The Bible moralisée was probably commissioned in 1234 by Blanche of Castile (1188-1252), Queen consort of France as a wedding gift for Margaret of Provence (1221-1295), wife of Louis IX, her son. It is divided between libraries in Oxford, Paris and London (the Oxford-Paris-London Bible moralisée): volume 1 is in Oxford (MS Bodley 270b); volume 2 is in Paris, (Bibliothèque nationale, MS latin 11560; and volume 3 is divided into the two Harley volumes (Harley MS 1526 and MS 1527) in London.

The Harley 1527 contains the New Testament. It consists of 153 folios decorated with 1408 miniatures in colours and gold, of 8 roundels in two columns of 4 in rectangular frames on a folio.

The picture shows one of the pages (folio 33r) with roundels depicting scenes from the monastic life.