(active 1145-60 in Cefalù)

North wall of the choir

Cathedral, Cefalù

The pictorial program in the bay in front of the apse consists of single figures, with no scenic depictions. The side walls present figures from the Old Testament, sainted deacons and warriors and Latin and Greek teachers of the church arrayed across from each other in an asymmetrical arrangement dictated by the irregular placement of the windows.

In the upper lunette of the north wall Melchizedek is featured as half-figure in round medallion. Beneath Melchizedek are the the prophets Hosea and Moses (the latter being a 19th-century recreation). In the second register are the figures of Joel, Amos, and Obadiah, while in the third register are the deacons Peter of Alexandria, Vincent, Lawrence, and Stephen. In the fourth (bottom) register Sts Gregory the Great, Augustine, Silvester, and Dionysius the Aeropagite are represented.