(active in the 13th century)

Miracle of St Thomas Becket

13th century
Stained glass window
Cathedral, Canterbury

The nine panels of the stained glass window in the Trinity Chapel of the Cathedral tell the story of one of St Thomas Becket's miracles. It starts at the bottom, left to right, then goes to the upper row, and finally to the row between them. Plague has come to the house of Sir Jordan Fitzeisulf. A nurse has died and is buried; the ten-year-old son dies; pilgrims arrive and Sir Jordan pours water from Becket's tomb into the boy's mouth. He puts coins into the boy's hands, to be paid as a votive offering; the child is restored and sits up; St Thomas appears to a leper, telling him to warn Sir Jordan not to forget his vow. The leper delivers the message to Sir Jordan and his wife; Sir Jordan fails to give the money and a second son dies; he then performs his vow and pours gold and silver on Becket's tomb.