(active 15th century in Castile)

General view

15th century
Castillo, Coca

In Castile, castles were a particularly important aspect of architecture. Residential buildings, and even defensive buildings, were in great measure based on Arab models built of brick. One of the most imposing castles (castillos) of the region is that at Coca, which was built for Bishop Don Alonso de Fonseca in the 15th century. It is constructed in brick in the Arab tradition, the perfect workmanship and colour gradations achieving a superbly artistic effect. The square superstructure is constructed on top of a massive rounded base. Both the keep and the curtain walls are peppered with numerous semi-circular or polygonal bastions that curve out of the wall and are elegantly decorated at the top with attached half-columns and pinnacles. Despite its elegance, Coca's very real defensibility is still entirely in the tradition of medieval castle building.