(active 1350-1390 in Lombardy)


Italian sculptor. His name indicates that he was born in - or into a family originating in - Campione d'Italia, a Lombardy town in an enclave within Switzerland. His main work is the Gothic monument to Cansignorio della Scala (1376) at Santa Maria Antica, Verona, which is part of the Scaliger tombs, the monuments to the important members of the Scaliger family, lords of Verona.

His other works are the equestrian monument of Bernabò Visconti (1363, Castello Sforzesco, Milan), the tomb of Cardinal Lambertini (Rotunda of Brescia), the tomb of Stefano and Valentina Visconti (Sant'Eustorgio, Milan). His works are in the manner of Giovanni di Balduccio.