(active 1350-1390 in Lombardy)

Tomb of Stefano and Valentina Visconti

Sant'Eustorgio, Milan

Works attributed to Bonino include the tomb of Bishop Balduino Lambertini (d 1349) in the old cathedral at Brescia; parts of the restored mausoleum of Stefano and Valentina Visconti (1352; Sant'Eustorgio, Milan); the frontal of the sarcophagus of Protaso Camaini (Sant'Eustorgio, Milan); and probably the tomb of Regina della Scala (1384; Castello Sforzesco, Milan).

Stefano Visconti (c. 1287-1327) was a member of the House of Visconti that ruled Milan from the 14th to the 15th century. In 1318 he married Valentina Doria (1290-1359), daughter of Bernabò Doria, with whom he had three children, Bernabò Visconti (died 1385) being the youngest.