(b. 1676, Madrid, d. 1750, Orgaz)


Spanish architect, designer, and woodcarver, part of a family of architects and sculptors. He was the son of José Simón de Churriguera (active c. 1662, d. 1679), sibling of Joaquín de Churriguera (1674-1724) and José Benito de Churriguera.

Alberto, the youngest of the Churrigueras, was overshadowed by his brothers for a long time. It was only after their death that he was free to develop his own style which was already influenced by Rococo. His main work was the Plaza Mayor in Salamanca, which he designed in 1728. He received countless other commissions for churches and colleges in Salamanca, but left in 1738 after a dispute about the construction of the tower for the city's new cathedral.

His worthy successor in Salamanca was Andrés García de Quiñones.