FEUCHTMAYER, Johann Michael the Younger
(b. 1709, Wessobrunn, d. 1772, Augsburg)


German stucco sculptor and plasterer, part of the famous Feuchtmayer family. He was the son of Michael Feuchtmayer (b. 1667); the nephew of Franz Joseph Feuchtmayer (1660-1718) and Johann Michael Feuchtmayer the Elder (1666-1713); the brother of Franz Xaver Feuchtmayer the Elder (1705-1764); the cousin of Joseph Anton Feuchtmayer; and the uncle of Franz Xaver Feuchtmayer the Younger (b. 1735).

He worked alongside Johann Michael Fischer, Johann Joseph Christian, and Franz Joseph Spiegler to create some of the most famous churches along the Upper Swabian Baroque Route. He is considered to be one of the finest artists of his time. His work on the Ottobeuren Abbey, one of the most magnificent churches of the Baroque era, was especially important, his stucco work dominates the design.