(b. ca. 1516, Antwerpen, d. 1570, Antwerpen)


Floris, Cornelis II and Frans, the most distinguished members of a family of Flemish artists; their Antwerp workshops contributed significantly to the Northern Renaissance. Cornelis was an architect, sculptor, and medalist; Frans, a painter. Both brothers studied in Rome in the 1540s and were soon at the head of flourishing workshops in Antwerp.

Frans was one of the leading exponents of Romanism in Antwerp, and his history painting influenced a generation of Flemish artists. He was largely responsible for the introduction of studios organized in the Italian manner, with skilled assistants - a practice subsequently adopted by other Netherlandish artists, most notably Rubens. His success was phenomenal, thanks to his ability to organize an efficient picture-producing factory. His life-style was extravagant, and he died overwhelmed with debts.