(ca. 1440-1512)


Flemish architect, part of a family of architects, son of Andries I Keldermans. First he collaborated as an architect with his father. In 1476 he became a City Architect in Bergen op Zoom, where he built some of the main monuments. From 1483 to 1489 he worked in the Church of St Sulpitius (ambulatory) in Diest and in 1489 succeeded his father as a City Architect in Mechelen. Here began the construction of the tower of the Cathedral, erected the church of St John and that of Our Lady of the Dijle. In 1489 he received the title of Court Architect in Brussels.

From 1497 to 1512 he was active in Holland and Zeeland where he made the choir of the Church of St Lawrence in Alkmaar; between 1502 and 1507 he built the central stone tower of the St. Bavo Church in Haarlem.

The façade of the Town Hall of Middelburg from 1512 is generally regarded as Antoons's greatest masterpiece. The Flamboyant Gothic with colossal statues of counts is considered a highlight of Brabant Gothic.