MIROU, Anton
(b. 1578, Antwerpen, d. 1627, Antwerpen)


Flemish painter and draughtsman. Around 1580, various painters of his name were registered as members of the Antwerp Guild of St Luke. His Protestant family, like many others from Flanders and Brabant, took refuge from religious persecution in Frankenthal, under the protection of the Elector Palatine and staunch Calvinist, Frederick III. Mirou's father, the apothecary Hendrik Mirou, is documented repeatedly in Frankenthal from 1586. On 8 May 1602 Antoine married Suzanna van Coninxloo there, and he is frequently mentioned in the local archives until 1620, when he presumably returned to Antwerp. He is counted among the most distinguished of the landscape artists often referred to as the Frankenthal School, the best known of whom is Gillis van Coninxloo. Van Coninxloo had a strong influence on Mirou's style, either through direct contact or, more probably, via the work of another Frankenthal artist, Pieter Schoubroeck.