(active 1251-1277 in Pisa)


Ugolino di Tedice was a member of an Italian artist family whose importance is comparable to the Berlinghiero family. He was the younger brother of Enrico di Tedice, a painter in Byzantine style, and the father of Ranieri di Ugolino.

Ugolino was active from 1251 to 1277, he was certainly dead by 1286. His only signed work is a Crucifix, painted closely in the style of Giunta Pisano, now in the Hermitage, St. Petersburg. He came under the impact of Giunta in his formative years, perhaps even was a member of his workshop. He was the artist who brought forward the innovations of Giunta with sensibility and originality.

Ugolino is also identified as the Master of San Martino, recognised as important predecessor of Cimabue.