(active 1317-1352)

Exterior view

Palazzo dei Priori, Città di Castello

The outside of this palace, of which only the ground and the greater part of the first floors were ever built, is directly developed from that of the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence. The main feature of the façade is the interplay between the symmetrical first-floor windows, the virtually symmetrical minor openings below, and the offset and unevenly sized pair of doors.

The inscription on the main door refers to Angelo as "architector" and couples his name with those of Baldo di Marco and Bartolomeo di Gano, who are described as "superstite".

The main internal interest lies in the interaction between the almost glacial flow of a broad stairway of shallow, sloping, stone-faced brick flights and the low, vaulted entrance chamber with its round-arched ribs and two octagonal columns.