BRUAND, Jacques
(b. 1624, Paris, d. 1664, Paris)

Exterior view

Musée Carnavalet, Paris

The Hall of the Marchands-Drapiers housed the largest trade corporation in Paris. The photo shows the façade, the only surviving part of the building. It was transported in 1868 to the Carnavalet museum. In certain respects the design derives from Mansart's frontispieces at Blois and Maisons, particularly in its application of the three Orders (Doric and Ionic, with a truncated Corinthian for the attic). But the general character is entirely different, since Bruand's frontispiece is conceived primarily as a setting for sculptured decoration, which centres on the arms of Paris supported by putti riding dolphins and flanked by two caryatides. The caryatids support a broken pediment surmounted by the Genius of the City.