FEUCHTMAYER, Johann Michael the Younger
(b. 1709, Wessobrunn, d. 1772, Augsburg)

Interior view

Benedictine Abbey Church, Zwiefalten

The present buildings of Zwiefalten Abbey were constructed in German Baroque style from 1739–47 under the direction of Johann Michael Fischer, who began overseeing the work in 1741. The interior, considered a model of Baroque design, is filled with ornate chapels and gilded balustrades, dominated by the high altar, which combines a Gothic statue of the Virgin Mary dating from 1430 with Baroque additions (dating from about 1750) by Johann Joseph Christian (1706-1777). The elaborate frescoes are by Franz Joseph Spiegler (1691-1757), the stucco work by Johann Michael Feuchtmayer the Younger.