FISCHER, Johann Michael
(b. 1692, Burglengenfeld, d. 1766, München)

Interior view

begun 1739
St. Michael, Berg am Laim, Munich

Native architects such as Johann Michael Fiscer and the Asam brothers in Munich gradually superseded the Italian taste in Bavarian architecture. In 1739, two years after the foundation stone was laid for the parish church of St. Michael in Berg am Lain, Johann Michael Fischer took over the supervision of the site. He linked the congragation area with the choir, combining these two central areas with each other on the principle of the golden section. He then subdiied the choir into an ante-choir (the central space) and a laterally elliptical chancel, and the congregation area was given two short transept arms. This produced a completely new style of ground plan. The prominent red marbled three-quarter columns dominate the interior, they combine with Johann Baptist Zimmermann's painting and plasterwork to creae distinctive theatrical effects.

The picture shows the west front of the church.