LE ROUX, Jacques
(died 1510)

Tour de Beurre

Cathedral, Rouen

Rouen's cathedral is one of the most exquisite pieces of pure Flamboyant work existing. The Tour de Beurre, the southern tower of the west front, is one of the three mighty towers of the cathedral. It is a great example of Flamboyant Gothic architecture with pinnacles, gables and statues on every side topped by a crown of open stone-work.

The Tour de Beurre is more recent than the Tour Saint-Romain to which it was built to counterbalance the west front of Rouen Cathedral. Like its counterpart, the Tour de Beurre was not built above the side-aisles of the nave. The construction was begun in 1485 by architect Guillaume Pontif and then Jacques Le Roux completed the tower in 1506.

The tower's last level transforms the squared plan to a refined octagonal balustrade of open stone-work.