(b. 1494, Pontormo, d. 1557, Firenze)

Maria Salviati with Giulia de' Medici

c. 1537
Oil on panel, 88 x 71 cm
Walters Art Museum, Baltimore

The portrait represents Maria Salviati in a widow's veil with a little girl. Salviati's only child was Cosimo I de' Medici, the girl was identified as one of Alessandro de' Medici's illegitimate daughters - either Giulia or Porzia - who after their birth were placed in Salviati's care. The younger of the two, Porzia, was placed in the Augustinian convent of San Clemente, therefore Giulia is more likely the girl depicted in the painting. The mother of Alessandro's children is not known.

The medal that Salvia holds is probably one of the pieces depicting Alessandro produced by Francesco del Prato or Domenico de' Vetri.