RIZZO, Antonio
(b. ca. 1430, Verona, d. ca. 1499)

Altar of St James

Basilica di San Marco, Venice

There is evidence that in 1465 Rizzo was in Venice, where Doge Cristoforo Moro gave him a prestigious commission to carve three marble altars (completed 1469) in San Marco. The altars of St James and St Paul have survived virtually unchanged, but that of St Clement was altered in the 16th century. The slender proportions of the tabernacles decorated with all'antica ornament put Rizzo in the vanguard of Venetian artists who took their inspiration from the Antique.

The standing figures of the saints, framed in the tabernacles, show the influence of Mantegna's early style in their unornamented, angular drapery and severe demeanour.