Miscellaneous works
by Hans HOLBEIN the Younger

Holbein's work for the English court did not stop at portraits; he also produced designs for court dress, necklaces, jewellery, hat-badges and brooches. More than two hundred and fifty designs for craftsmen, particularly goldsmiths, are attributed to him, and he was responsible for much of the plate and weapons in use at Henry's court. His decorative style shows a delight in flowing Renaissance forms of exuberant and sophisticated complexity that contrasts sharply with the direct realism of his portraits.

The most lavish and ornate design for goldsmith's work now surviving is Jane Seymour's Cup, which was ordered by Henry when he married Jane Seymour in 1536. The design has all the grace and stylish refinement that we associate with European mannerism; few other examples of such calibre were to find their way to England.

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Design for a Pendant
Pen and ink with watercolour, 37,3 x 14,3 cm
British Museum, London

Jane Seymour's Cup
c. 1536
Pen, indian ink, and watercolour, 376 x 155 mm
Ashmolean Museum, Oxford

The initial E in the manuscript of Canones horoptri by Nikolaus Kratzer
c. 1528
Tempera on parchment, 238 x 168 mm
Bodleian Library, Oxford

Model of the `Zum Tanz" house (reconstruction)
Kupferstichkabinett, Öffentliche Kunstsammlung, Basel

Drawing for the Façade Paintings in the Eisengasse (copy)
first half of 16th century
Pen and black and brown ink, washed and watercolour, 570 x 338 mm
Staatliche Museen, Berlin

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