Paintings in the church of San Sebastiano (1555-65)

Veronese painted a number of important works in the church which gradually, with its unassuming façade half hidden, was transformed into a radiant showcase of Veronese's art. Almost the whole of the available space inside is covered with paintings: in both fresco and oils, they cover the altars, organ loft, presbytery, ceiling and tribune. Even the friezes and other minor details are decorated. Veronese devoted special care to the decoration of the presbytery of the church, which has two long, dynamic paintings on the sides (Sts Mark and Marcellinus Being Led to Martyrdom; Martyrdom of St Sebastian) and a splendid painting on the high altar (Virgin and Child Enthroned with Saints).

The cycle of stories of St Sebastian can be compared in its great breadth and the many years spent on its execution to Tintoretto's grandiose painting cycle in the Scuola Grande di San Rocco.

In the end Veronese chose to be buried here.

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View of the façade
San Sebastiano, Venice

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