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Using the search engine you can find images corresponding to given conditions. Complementing these searches, you can look for artists satisfying certain conditions and can create various lists of them. The simplest lists can be obtained by clicking one of the letters below, which results in an alphabetical list of all artists in the collection with that initial.

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Alternatively, you can get various lists corresponding to the conditions set in the boxes below. You can sort these lists by any of the conditions, that is by school (nationality), art historical period, time-line (in fifty years steps) or profession. By default the lists are sorted by the artist name. An example: set period=Baroque, time-line=1651-1700, profession=sculptor, sorted by=school, and get a sorted list of Baroque sculptors active in the second half of 17th century.

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We call your attention to Fine Arts in Hungary, the companion-site of our collection. You are kindly invited to visit this virtual museum where works of art, created between the 11th and the mid-20th century by over 400 Hungarian artists, are presented with detailed explanations. Guided tours and free postcard service are also provided.

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