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I like very much art and i have linked your site to see your beatifull work when it is possible

Tempio, Italy, Sardegna
December 31, 1999

In a world where all too often the inspired work of the past is ignored, these pages serve a need, and I am most appreciative of the effort it took to produce them. I have included links to several of them in an article on the future of animation for the Animation World Network's Animation World Magazine, January, 2000, issue ( Thanks from all of us who love great art.

Buzz Potamkin,
New York, NY, US
December 31, 1999

unable to read peopkes comments' they only flash for a second then vanish is there a problem here? such a pity.

David O'Briem,
bristol, somerset, uk
December 31, 1999

30-XII-1999 An invitation to a family member from Vancouver to join us for a NEW Years visit- led to my introduction to your very excellent web site. The recognition awards that you have already received say it better than I can, so I will simply say - merci beaucoup! Sincerely, John Hackett P>S> Best wishes for MM

John Hackett,
Victoria, BC, Canada
December 31, 1999

I liked you website very much. I am in a Fine Arts class and I needed to see "School of Athens, by Raphael. Thankyou

Andrea Steele,
Eastpointe, Michigan, USA
December 31, 1999

Thank you for the lamentation over the body of Christ. One of the most moving and beautiful pictures I have ever experienced. the tears in the picture must surely be real!thank you for your web page an absolute delight David.

david o'brien,
bristol, u.k.
December 30, 1999

A place to visit for hours on end.Thank you.

Corneel Verlaan,
Bovina, NY, USA
December 30, 1999


Jorge Alfonso,
Mexico, D.F., Mexico
December 29, 1999

I really didn't like the stuff you had i couldn't find anything


December 29, 1999

Thank you,very much!

, japan
December 29, 1999

Thank you very much! Have a nice new year! bye-bye(^_^)/~~

, japan
December 29, 1999

THank you,very much! Have a nice new yaer! bye-bye(^o^)

, japan
December 29, 1999

Same name.

Jan Steen,
Tiel, Netherlands
December 28, 1999

Bravo ! for this site. It's very complete and easy to use. One of my fave sites !

Duc-Toan NGUYEN,
Villefontaine, France
December 28, 1999

Excellent web site. I found information I have been looking for on a Valazquez painting "Prince Baltasar Carlos on Horseback. I have a reproduction of it on canvas which must be 90+ years old. Thank You. Happy New Year John B. Hed

John B. Hed,, http:\\\stainedglass
Farmington, MN, USA
December 28, 1999

Wow, it is Really great website~ I'm just student studying about the History and Art. I wish you have Great Millennium! Bye~

Nadia jung,
, Seoul, Korea
December 28, 1999

YOu're good... Faith

Faith Sizto,,
Fremont, CA, America
December 27, 1999

Fabulous site! Thank you for bringing the great works right into my home. This is great for the non-art professionals who also love great art. FP

Frances Peterson,
San Francisco, CA, USA
December 27, 1999


kest, kest,
December 27, 1999

Thank you for sharing these scenes with the public. They remind me of the wonderful visit we had to St. Peters and Vatican City. God willing, we return one day. God is awesome!

Wanda L. Nelson,
Austin, Texas, USA
December 27, 1999

i ve never tought that someone from Hungary can make such wonderful pages. this is maybe even my no1...i don't know now, but in a month,two i ll know.

Kutina, Moslavina, Croatia
December 26, 1999

nice site... compliments the Weepin' Madonna

Weepin' Madonna,,
., ., NL
December 26, 1999

Ive sent 3 cards and 2 of them to myself and no one got delievered

Juan de la Cosa,
Bogota, DC, Colombia
December 26, 1999

Very impressive collection!!!

H. James Pickerstein,
Fairfield, CT, USA
December 25, 1999

Excellent.Ireally Enjoyed The Detail Of The Paintings & The Write Ups

Gerry Bradley,
castletown, ISLE of Man
December 24, 1999

Very very nice. I love your site !!

Kris De Craene,
Zele, Belgium
December 24, 1999

Keepup the good work

Rafael Galvan,, http://yahoo.comm
Vienna, Austria
December 23, 1999

What a beautiful site, so easy to use. And not full of advertising!

John Burger,
St Columbans, NE, USA
December 23, 1999

Soy profesor de Historia del Arte, empleo con frecuencia su hoja que me resulta muy útil. Se agradece los datos que acompañan a las obras. Como particular admirador de la primitiva pintura flamenca, les felicito por las páginas de Rogier van der Weyden.

Jorge Bogaerts,
Oviedo, Asturias, Spain
December 23, 1999

Great Work. Please make a downloadable copy.

lalc jose,
abu dhabi, abu dhabi, uae
December 23, 1999

I really like your website simply because it has almost all the information i needed for my research about the old masters of art. I myself is also an aspiring artist but presently studying taking up Fine Arts. The most important thing about how you help me reseaching for my favorite artists is the completeness of your explanation regarding the artists and their masterpieces.

Rolando Velchez Cabrera,
Muntinlupa City, Philippines
December 23, 1999

I have been looking for a web site like this since I started surfing the net. Fantastic!!! Thank you.

Kathleen Parr,
Yoe, PA, United States
December 22, 1999

This was a very interesting and helpful site to use to get information. I needed to do a project quickly and your site enabled me to do so. I will be sure to come back and visit soon.

Ashley Delea,
Branchville, New Jersey, Untied States
December 22, 1999

A wonder. To find the masterpieces Tintoretto painted on the lower floor of the Scuola Grande is a miracle. You are what the internet is about. At last, a real museum without walls

James T. Clarke,
Benicia, CA, USA
December 22, 1999

This is one of the most interesting and intriging sites I have ever visited, and will be among my favorites to visit regularly. Thank you for such a wonderful place to visit.

Kay Holtz,, MSN
Nashport, Ohio, USA
December 22, 1999

An absolutely wonderful site. I have been madly in love with paintings for fifty odd years. Never miss a major museum when I am travelling. Thanks r.h.v.

richard h. velvart,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
December 22, 1999

Thank you for putting this great site at our disposal. You are really showing us what the Internet can be like.

Chris Neenan,
Rome, Italy
December 21, 1999

very nice site

clara pergolotti,
Ancona, Italy, Italy
December 21, 1999

It's a beautiful web-site for those who, like me, love the Renaissance!! But what about the same site for European Impressionism??

Milano, Italy
December 21, 1999

What a truly excellent website! The range of artists and paintings is the best I've seen on the Web so far, and the ability to send postcards on top of all that!

Uma Moorthy,
London, U.K.
December 21, 1999


Daniela Ferrario,
Milan, Italy
December 21, 1999

This is a lovely site, and I thoroughly enjoyed making a postcard of the painting of Queen Christina of Sweden on horseback. Thanks a million!

Bill Butcher,
Coldspring, TX, USA
December 21, 1999


Breda, Holland
December 20, 1999


December 20, 1999


December 20, 1999

Congratulation to the gallery, it is nice. Bur fortunately I was there personally so I can tell you in live is much more interesting. Thanks again Ivett

Budapest, Hungary
December 20, 1999

thank you

michael goetz
, md, usa
December 20, 1999

I was surprised to find paintings of Antonio Mor van Dashorst as he must be an ancestor. There is also a painting in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. It's great to see more of his paintings on internet, thank you!

Marian Vossen-Dashorst,,
Wieringerwerf, Noord Holland, The Netherlands
December 20, 1999

I think you must have information about the swedish painter( landskape) Per Ekström 1844-1935 For a long period living in France.

Mats Gustafsson, macellogu
Malmoe, Sweden
December 19, 1999

I like you website.

The Marquis Cassar de Sain,, none
San Pawl Tat-targa, MALTA
December 19, 1999


Tom Knepper Jr.,
Las Vegas, NV, USA
December 19, 1999

Great site. We found the information we were looking for on this site. Thank you.

Jay Hoehn,
Gilbert, Arizona, USA
December 19, 1999

beautifull.I am working with children around 'looking to pictures'.Is there somebody who have suggestiond ?

aerts michel,
geel, belgium
December 18, 1999

An absolutely exquisite art website. It just makes your heart sing.

Keith Calmer,
Juliette, GA, USA
December 18, 1999

Can you give me permission to use some (or many) of your images in a forthcoming (around March-April '00) CD-ROM on the subject "Holy Bible and Art" which will be launched by my company (SEANTEC S.A.) and the "Sociedad Bíblica Peruana" a subsidiary of "Sociedades Bíblicas Unidas" ? This CD-ROM will be initially launched in Perú and its price will be between 4 and 5 US dollars since we have in mind the general public which in Peru is of low income. We have already obtained permission from Christus Rex, Inc. for the use of their images. If it is necessary we could pay a royalty, but in any case we will give full reference to the source for each image included. Thank you for your attention. Peter Rizo-Patrón Managing Director SEANTEC S.A.

Peter Rizo-Patrón,,
Lima, Peru
December 18, 1999

Magnificent site--a feast. Thank you! Gerard

Gerard Serafin,,
Baltimore, MD, US
December 18, 1999

Thank you for the fantastic offer and access to Europian art. We need it. Regards.

Tibor J. Rácz,
Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
December 18, 1999

thanks this site was a very helpful source!

Rosalynn Alonso,
paterson, nj, usa
December 18, 1999

Hello! You've got an extremely nice page. Keep up the excellent work! ~*nitsug*~

Boston, MA, USA
December 17, 1999

The most satisfying and innformative site I have ever come across on the web. Magnificent!

Tony, tony@tjmyers
York, England
December 17, 1999


December 17, 1999


December 17, 1999

Very nice page. However, with regard to XVth century painters Huguet and Martorell, it should be noted that their first names were Jaume and Bernat, not Jaime and Bernardo. No one at that time had Spanish names in Catalonia. It is also questionable that the names of the Barcelona Art Museums mentioned should not be their present-day official Catalan names, but rather their translated Spanish versions.

Xavier Huguet,
Brussels, Belgium
December 16, 1999

molti auguri CM

cosenza, italia
December 15, 1999

cosenza, calabria, italia
December 15, 1999

Nice page! By the way! To revive classic culture, vote for Lyndon LaRouche at the presedential election, on the democratic ticket!


December 15, 1999

Wicked art thingy. I only came ere coz i had to 4 school.

Smeg Head,
Broome, WA, Australia
December 15, 1999

I haven't yet seen the gallery

Chris Chatigny, none
Carson City, Nevada, United States of America
December 14, 1999


December 14, 1999

excellent site with the information i needed, thankyou very much indeed

mary cornfield

December 14, 1999

I think that he is a great artist what he shows is what people can see..but in seeing you have to look hard. His art means alot and says alot.

Yuki Walters,
Miami, florida, u.s
December 12, 1999

Wonderfull page! Wonderfull quality! Thank the author for this intelligent gift to Internet.

Maria da Graça Chamma Ferraz e Ferraz,, none
Marília, São Paulo, Brasil
December 12, 1999

A singularly exceptional site, unique and outstanding. The quintessential reason for the Internet.

Rev.Dr. Abraham Waya,
Boston, MA, USA
December 12, 1999

Your site is just stunning! Thank you! Peter

peter simon,
, Australia
December 12, 1999

Your site is lust stunning! Thank you! Peter

peter simon,
, Australia
December 12, 1999

Just stumbled on your Web Gallery of Art's Sistine Chapel site. Amazing. Thank you and keep up the good work.

Ron Cuffe,
McLean, VA, USA
December 12, 1999

rking,, ?
mountainair, nm, usa
December 12, 1999

pray for the Holy Father and peace in the world.

Donald Carbone,
Puyallup, Washington, United States
December 12, 1999

You guys have done a wonderful job of creating such an enchanting web site ! I would like to thank you so much ! Sunil Menon, Elamkulam, India. Let me borrow some word from Mark Benson's comment, he says it all ! What a stunningly beautiful collection of paintings you have on this site! I've never seen anything like it anywhere on the Internet. Thank you so much for bringing such wonderful art to my home via the Internet.

Sunil Menon,,
Elamkulam, Kerala, India
December 11, 1999


Outasight, TCede@Yahoo.Com

December 11, 1999

A truly amazing site that I will recommend to others. Anna

Anna Foale,
Reading, England
December 11, 1999

thank you ! I have paper about Diego velazquez. have a good day~! *^^*

Hee-jeong Kim,
Puasn, korea
December 11, 1999

I liked your site very much. However I didn't find any artist from the impresionist era-Degas, Monet, Bazille, VAN GOH.

Allison H.

December 11, 1999

Best fine art viewing I have found on the web. I am looking for an image of a painting I saw in the Louvre by Lorenzo Lotto. I don't know the title but it is a closeup view of Christ carrying the cross. Anyone please email if you know where to find this on the web. Thanks

Ronald Lykins,
Los Gatos, CA, USA
December 10, 1999

Absolutely breathtaking site...THANKS!

E. Martin,
Washington, DC, USA
December 10, 1999


December 9, 1999

THANKYOU!!! for making such a brilliant site. have got lots of homework for my art history degree that i should really be doing but i have ended up sending lots of postcards instead!! never mind. congratulations on such a fabulous gallery!!!

ann the van,
york, northyorkshire, ENGLAND!!!!!
December 9, 1999

I dont speak an english! Sorry

akos hegyi,
budapset, hungary
December 9, 1999

You are cool!!!

Aaron,, none
Jenison, Michigan, United States
December 8, 1999

very nice. i finally found my renaissance pictures for my stupid world history teacher mr. wittman!!! thank god for this site

jeff cullinane,, ~~~~~~~~~~~~
cincinnati, ohio, USA
December 8, 1999

Well... it'a a iteresting way to send beautiful cards to a fried.

Alexandre Sanchez.,
Uberlandia, Minas Gerais, Brazil
December 8, 1999

It's wonderful! A great selection of pictures and sculptures...Congratulations!

Luciana Lima.,
Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
December 8, 1999

Rodin,Cellini,Bernini-I'm in heaven!!

Nathan Logsdon,
Baton Rouge, LA
December 7, 1999

Thank you very much for your website. I home-school my son, Matthew. We have always made a mental list of the pieces of art we would see when we travel to different places. We don't have to "wish" anymore, thanks to you. We feel like we can go anywhere in the world and to any art museum we want. If you are looking for ideas for the future, we love the Sistene Chapel.

Robyn Parker, Ricknrobyn12@AOL.COM
Arnold, MO, USA
December 7, 1999

Thanks for having Nicklaus Kratzer's portrait on file, had heard of it by my Aunt Gertrude Kratzer. The information and picture is extremely appreciated! Thanks Again!!! Don

Donald L Kratzer,, Not Available Yet
Columbus, Nebraska, USA
December 7, 1999


December 6, 1999

I have been searching for this painting. It was a dim, half remembered childhood image. Thank you.

Patricia L. Davis,
, Penna., USA
December 5, 1999

you need to tell maore about her life.

David Hamel
Yukon, OK, USA
December 5, 1999

Très beau! Merci pour le travail sous-jacent à un tel site. L'amour de la beauté et l'inspiration traverse les âges, les continents.

Richard Mayer,
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
December 5, 1999

Thank you for your Art Gallery. The pictures were really nice and you saved me from failing my English class. Sincerly yours, Khaliah Denis

Khaliah Denis,
San Pablo, CA
December 5, 1999

I was looking for some classical religious art that I could download for an idea I have to decorate my office door for Christmas. I wasn't prepared for the most beautiful PIETA. It is absolutely breathtaking. Even though I couldn't download it, I was able to drink it's beauty and for that I am thankful. Blessings to you for making it available.

Eleanor Chatwood,
Pensacola, FL, USA
December 5, 1999

High quality. Quick access. Thank you, B.

Bert van der Meijden,,
Delft, Netherlands
December 5, 1999

Thank you for bringing the Masters across the seas!

Alberto V. Ampil, SJ,
Cagayan de Oro, Philippines
December 5, 1999

It would be a great joy to me, if you could tell me how to get a picture or a book on the DOORS the Holy Father, the Pope will be opening at Mass, Christmas Eve. Saw the door of St. Peter's, which has not been opened in 25 years. Any information or help will be appreciated.

Joan Vaughn-Wood,, none
San Jose, CA, USA
December 5, 1999

Just came back from Italy. Addicted to the beauty of the country, set a plan to revisit in 2 years. In between will study the language and culture of the country. Your site is great help and very enjoyable. Thanks, Joyce

Joyce Cho,
Taipei, Taiwan
December 4, 1999

Just found you and I am delighted- Thank you, thank you.

alice byers,

December 4, 1999


warren, ohio, usa
December 3, 1999

i enjoyed very much your side, thanks

miroslaw rajkowski,
wroclaw, 50-207, poland
December 3, 1999

it was okay but they didn't have the artists i was looking for but good ideas.......

Natalie Stone,
bournemouth, dorset, england
December 3, 1999

Thank you for an experience that is otherwise so far away from here. Greatly appreciate the hard work, dedication and love gone into creating this gallery.

Johannesburg, South Africa
December 3, 1999

This website helped me with my homework! Thanx!

Kirsty, can't tell

December 3, 1999

I can't say thank you enough to show my appreciation for your beautiful and enlightning site. It is such a pleasure to be able to look at the art on your site while I am on my break at work. Thanks!! Marg : )

Margaret Seals,
, FL, US
December 1, 1999

Congatulations!!!! Very good work! Is there anyone intresed in Isabellad'Estese's portraits? So am I. So ifi you want to conctact me, please write at my E-Mail Adress... I'll be happy for this! Lorenzo

Mantova, Italia
December 1, 1999

Great Web Site! My students love it and use it all the time!

Ana Gordy,
Elberton, GA, USA
December 1, 1999

Good Site, beautiful pictures

brussels, belgium
December 1, 1999

Sofanisba is a wonderful woman, i did a paper on her, she is an extrodinary woman if anyone is doing a paper on her email me, it was hard to find half a page about her


December 1, 1999

Thank you very much. I am doing a research project on my idol, Leonardo, and yours was the only sight that gave real information I can use to creae my ten page multi-genre paper.

Candice Mitchell,
Aurora, CO, USA
November 30, 1999

I got on here to read about things for school and I absolutely learned more than anything! It had great graphics and helped me out on so many tests!! I have got an A+ in my Arts and Humanities class because of this homepage!! It is just great and a BIG help!!

, ky, usa
November 30, 1999

i got on here to read about things for school and i absolutely learned more than anything! it had great graphics and helped me out on sooo many tests!! i have an a+ in that class because of this homepage!!

, ky, usa
November 30, 1999

thank you so much for this wonderful site! It helped me study for an art histroy test for a very tough class! keep up the good work.! thanks again! :)

, new york
November 30, 1999

I'm sure it's lovely, but I hav'nt seen anything yet!

Susan Alcantarilla, susanissima @hotmail .com
London, NW1 4AS, UK
November 30, 1999

amazingly well done. I will return

robert w. cline,
williamsport, md., usa
November 30, 1999

I really enjoyed the Gallery pages that I researched on Rembrandt. I seen works that I had never seen anywhere else. I also found the biography very useful also. The old masters of Art just totally amaze me to no end.What more can I say,,,I love them!!!!!!!!! Thanks so very much, Impressionistx2

Hamersville, Ohio, U.S.A.
November 29, 1999

i needed some information on michelangelo for an art journal assignment, and your site was REALLY helpful!!! Thanks!!!

Lauren Wilmore,,
silver spring, maryland, usa
November 28, 1999

I had been haunted by a painting I had seen several years ago while researching Raphael for an academic paper. On a whim, I decided to search on-line for the painting and was pleasantly surprised to find it on your website. Thanks for putting a name and date to the painting (Madonna Tempi, 1508).

Los Angeles, CA
November 28, 1999

Very nice website! Easy to follow the explanations and very useful to look at the Sistine Chapel quietly and not in the middle of a large crowd... Best regards Gaby

Wolter-Mancini Gaby, alwolter
Rodange, Luxembourg
November 27, 1999

I found this webpage very complete and interesting. But I'm doing a HUGE report for my high school Honors English class and I chose to do a biography of Joan of Arc. But I'm lost. I don't know where to find a complete biography with all the necessary information. If anyone has any information on useful books, websites, or any other form of informatiom on the biography of Joan of Arc, can you PLEASE (please please please please) e-mail me anything at Thank you soo much. -Sabrina

Sabrina ,
Old Brookville, New York, USA
November 27, 1999

beautiful site - thanks

ann marie johnson,
minneapolis, mn, usa
November 26, 1999

A wonderful and creative idea with beautiful cards to send!

Rebecca Turner,
Aberystwyth, Ceredigion, Wales
November 25, 1999

Thanks for a treasure of art.

Charles Mayone,
Cape Elizabeth, Maine, USA
November 25, 1999

Great site! The downloads can be slow, but the art is worth the wait. You've provided a valuable resource to the internet!

Rob Jones,
Seattle, WA, USA
November 25, 1999

Fabulous!! Nothing like leaning back in my chair, closing my eyes and travelling on the wings of words!

Mona Lisa, 5 Franciscan Way
Fabuloso, MA, 02222
November 25, 1999

Hello. Richmond was a nice little town and it was lovely to live there with the Royer family.

Jukka Hakkarainen,
Joensuu, ------, Finland
November 24, 1999

i think this is a superior site to get any sort of information on art

DaWayne Maddux,
panama city, fl, usa
November 24, 1999

hello this website is very educational I found all of the works of art of the artist right here. I didn't waste my time and it even stated the subject matter that the artist employed in. Thanks such a huge help.

Rosalynn Alonso,
paterson, nj, usa
November 24, 1999

hello this website is very educational I found all of the works of art of the artist right here. I didn't waste my time and it even stated the subject matter that the artist employed in. Thanks such a huge help.

Rosalynn Alonso,
paterson, nj, usa
November 24, 1999

hello this website is very educational I found all of the works of art of the artist right here. I didn't waste my time and it even stated the subject matter that the artist employed in. Thanks such a huge help.

Rosalynn Alonso,
paterson, nj, usa
November 24, 1999

Thank you for this impressive website. I'm looking for a painting of the Crucicix which I can use as desktop wallpaper, and I hope to find it here. Stanley F. Nelson

Stanley F. Nelson,
Dallas, TX, USA
November 24, 1999

Anita Koncz,
Kecskemét, Hungary
November 24, 1999

Thank you for making this website. It was very helpful for a lot of my school projects. It was also very helpful. Keep up the great work!

Sonoma, CA, US
November 24, 1999

Thank you a lot!

maria bertoli,
Rome, Italy
November 23, 1999

The pictures and insightful comments have helped me in my research. I also had fun just exploring the site. Thanks

Jennifer ,
Winter Garden, Fl, U.S.
November 23, 1999

God Bless You, You have given me the finest Museum and Arts Academy in the world.

Gerson Bonaparte,
Glendora, California, USA
November 22, 1999

The picture I was looking for was there, and I thank you very much.

Fabio Rocca,
Milano, Italy
November 22, 1999

I found this site very interesting

Christine Dewar
Edinburgh, Scotland
November 22, 1999

i found this site very intresrting

nikki jacobs
Edinburgh, scotland
November 22, 1999

Super resource! Keep up the good work!

Patrick May,
Birmingham, UK
November 21, 1999

very educational and really helpful with my art course when i have homework!

Lisa Murray,
Douglas, Isle Of Man
November 21, 1999

I think this is a great website, except i can't seem to find Any thing from Gerard de Lairesse and Willem Swanenburgh. I hope I find them. :)

, Maryland, USA
November 21, 1999

Grazie per averci messo a disposizione un così utile documento!

Marco Vannini,,
November 21, 1999

Great work!

Lennart Dimberg,
Alexandria, VA, USA
November 21, 1999

This is the best www page I have ever visited! Congratulations on a fantastic job.

Mellie Naydenova,
November 20, 1999

I am stunned to find's wonderful.

Valerie Lester
San Antonio, Tx, USA
November 20, 1999

This page is so helpful for my research in school!

San Antonio, Texas, USA
November 20, 1999

La data di morte di BAUGIN,Lubin è 1610-11663. Complimenti vivissimi per tutto il resto. Saluti Paolo

Paolo Ghiretti,
Parma, Italia
November 19, 1999

I thank you very much for wonderfull net site that permits the sightseeing of the most important masterpieces of figurative arts.

Rodolfo Pedriali,
Ferrara, Italy, Italy
November 19, 1999

Great site. I was looking for Christmas/Nativity images and found some. What is the copyright information on these images after they are downloaded. I work as a greaphic designer for a religious newspaper printing company. I was wondering if it was possible to reporduce these images for distribution to members of a congregation. The only charge we set is for the composition of such a page. Any information would be helpful. Thanks

Dale Bryant,
Dallas, Texas, USA
November 19, 1999

Thank you, a wonderful experience.

Jacqueline Boutros,
November 18, 1999

I was looking for paintings by rubens and i have to say that this is THE best site that i visited......thank you very much for a wonderful insight into his work.

portsmouth, hampshire, england
November 18, 1999

Fantastic: I even can use your site being a teacher in photography

Marco Naseman,
Maastricht, Holland
November 18, 1999

I am going to give a book to my grandson for Xmas. The title is "Perugino's Path". I wanted to find a painting from Perugino on the Internet, print it out and insert it in the book. When I searched for a site I found yours and to my great surprise it was a Hungarian site! I am from Hungary but my son and grandson were already born in the USA. Clara Berenyi

Clara Berenyi,
Charleston, SC, USA
November 18, 1999

I really appreciated the pictures on this web site. I was looking for paintings of Zurbaran (Francisco de) and found good information. Could anyone tell me how much a painting of this artist (like the one of St-Francis) would be worth today in an auction ? The reason I ask, is that I have in my possession a painting from this artist (it is a painting of St-Francis kneeling in front of a cross) and was done by Zurbaran around 1659. Thanks to anyone that can help. Marc Lacombe

Marc Lacombe,
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
November 17, 1999

A friend of mine is looking for a piece we thought was called The Vanity. From a distance it looks like a skull. When you really look at the picture it's actually a lady sitting at her vanity. If any one could help - I've searched through my art history books, no luck. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! shannone

shannone, shan 1
flint, mi, usa
November 17, 1999

Found this site looking for an artist.Artist named J Roe possible out of Chambersburg PA 1896 drawing in pencil Framed,immigrate girl Any info on artist thanks

Harold Patterson,
Jacksonville, nc, usa
November 17, 1999

Fabulous! Thank you for one of the most valuable teaching tools I've come across in a while. B. Salimbeni

beth salimbeni,
Albuquerque, nm, usa
November 16, 1999

What a cool page! Thanks ever so much-the info I've got from your site will really help me with my critical studies essay. Ta Vicky

Victoria MacGregor,
Birmingham, UK
November 15, 1999

Wonderful pictures!!!!!!!

Marie Kårström,
Hammarstrand, Jämtland, Sveden
November 15, 1999

Bonjour à tous les étudiants de M. Pierre-Simon Doyon. Si vous lisez ces lignes c'est que vous avez visité et apprécié ce site. Il est vrai extraordinaire n'est-ce pas ? Maintenant quelques mots en anglais pour les autres internautes et les auteurs du site. Congratulation and keep going on that work. Very helpfull, specially for a work in art history. Thank you very much and I'll come back even after the end of that course, it's too interesting !

Christian Dufresne,
Trois-Rivieres-Ouest, Quebec, Quebec
November 15, 1999

Very helpful site I found just what I was looking for. (Sculptures of the middle age's) Thank-you Diana Brooks

Diana Brooks,
hollister, ca., usa
November 15, 1999

this is cool i had to look if up for school and really liked it>

kerang, vic, aust
November 15, 1999

Very Cool site!

Mindy Barnett, chaos1989
kc, mo, usa
November 14, 1999

My son is doing a project on the Sistine Chapel and I have yet found the dates of the restoration. Could you email me the dates or the sites that I could find them on. Thanks Richard Collins

Richard Collins,
Carriere, MS, USA
November 14, 1999

It's very useful and impressive site! Thank you!

Kim Nam See,
seoul, korea
November 14, 1999

Buongiorno! What a wonderful site! I'm so happy that I, by shear chance, found it while trying to find a piece of Italian software on Assisi before the earthquake (Cimabue & Giotto) hosted by Dario Fo... a virtual tour. That software I never found but your site has more than made up for my failure. Thank you very much. Tom Nofziger

Thomas Nofziger,, none
Laguna Beach, California, USA
November 14, 1999

I found your site while looking for the works of acob Jordaens. I was looking for works of art featuring people with Downs Syndrome. I found what i was looking for- The Bean King in the hermitage and two other pictures showing Jacob Jordaens daughter who has Downs Syndrome. I am now trying to find out where Joshua Reynolds "lady Cockburn and her sons "is. I think the postcard idea is great and I shall certainly revisit this site for other paintings unconnected with my original quest. Thankyou

Catherine Slater,,
London, England
November 14, 1999

I only recently got a notebook computer, and joined aol last week. Your site is, to put it bluntly, fantastic. I feel lucky to have found it. All my favorite artists in this genre, and many works I've never seen. Thank you. Put me on any mailing lists that will keep me in contact with you.

Dennis Bass, Basso Bass
Aventura, FL, US
November 12, 1999

This site was a great help!! I am going to give the adress to my entire art history class. Very nice site. Thanks again, Erin

Erin Worley,
Wyandotte, Mi, USA
November 12, 1999

An attractive useful site that I can happily reccommend to my students, who are studying History of Art at 'A' level. (ie. 16-17 years).

Ninette Rubinstein,
Cambridge, England
November 12, 1999

This is a great site. Thank you from an artist heart. I did not find what I was searching for. Maybe you can help me. I am looking for information on a painting by Munkacsy titled Christ before Pilot. I have not heard of Munkacsy in any of my past art history studies. Do you know of this artist or painting? Sincerely, Paulette Pearce

Paulette Pearce,
Dallas, TX, USA
November 12, 1999

Excellent source of visual and literal information saving me a lot of Airmiles. Keep up the good work..... agus go n-eiri an la libhse gach la.....

Shaun Wall,
Waterford, Ireland
November 12, 1999

Oh boy, yah, the second best museum/gallery around, after the ZAM in Munich. And the postcards rule. And that's about it.

Diarmuid Ó Séaghdha,
, Ireland
November 11, 1999

HUHU!!! Wir sind die Fenstergucker der HU und nehmen an einem Wettbewerb teil, wer die meisten Web-Seiten über Vincent Ferrer findet. Danke und Good Bye!

Fenstergucker der HU
Berlin, Berlin, Germany
November 11, 1999


calcutta, west bengal, india
November 10, 1999

I really loved this page, especially for the diversity I could find here. I only would like to know if there is any chance to that you could offer more pictures as postcards. I will be really thankful for that. Regards Lucero Cahuana

Lucero Cahuana,
Lima, Lima, Peru
November 10, 1999

This is absolutely terrific. I had not heard of it before today, and a friend sent me a postcard. Whoever has designed and set this up has a very benevolent spirit and a love of sharing the arts.

Eris Ritchie,
Cisco, Texas, USA
November 9, 1999

Thank you so much for maintaining this site! I haven't visited in a while and was afraid it wouldn't be here. I have shared it with several friends and family and we all appreciate your efforts very much. For a while, I was adding to a list I had made of all the artists, making comments on each one, so I would know whether I wanted to return or not. I remember Breugel The Elder's "Icarus" as a favorite. Thank you again! What an exquisitely beautiful gift you have given to so many people! The site is really a work of art in itself.

Phil Limbacher,, N/A
San Jose, CA, US
November 9, 1999

extrement interessant!!!Merci

sikorav henri,
paris, france
November 9, 1999

This is a fantastic site. Very helpful in the study of Northern Reniassance Art. Thank you!!

Snellville, GA, US
November 9, 1999


Rachel Kasperek
Buffalo, New York, ?
November 9, 1999

what a load of tosh

virgina smearytwitch, tw@school., n/a
greendale, barely sane, england
November 8, 1999

Cool!! Siete bravissimi. Si potrebbero fare molti piu' siti cosi' in Internet invece che vedere tutta quella fuffa... Complimenti. CI permettiamo di rubare qualche stupenda immagine.Grazie.

Zovencedo, Vicenza, Italia
November 8, 1999

I'm back for more to share with my students for a new class on central and eastern europe. Especially enjoyed Hungarian resource and new sites in Russia. Thank you again for this terrific resource.

barbara rydlander,
Berkeley, CA, USA
November 7, 1999

Hello I enjoyed your webpage very much but the thing I really missed and that I can't find anywere on the internet is the backgroud information that goes with the painting. Things like composition where is eberything placad within the painting and why did they do that. Things like why did the artist use that color what does that express ect. If you could do something about that this would be the best site. Hope you take it seriously.

Saskia Roskam
Wageningen, Netherlands
November 7, 1999

This web page is realy fantastic! Is very well organized. Thank's

Roberta Dorini,
São Paulo, Brazil
November 7, 1999

To have all of this at my fingertips, thankyou. The quality and size of your collection allows to me to experience the awe and admiration these masters deserve. I will return again and again.

port charlotte, florida, usa
November 6, 1999

Thanks for a wonderfull place to find exceptionell paintings

, Denmark
November 5, 1999

Very helpful site for my study of Northern Ren. Art. at University of Michigan-Flint. Thanks.

Jan Champion,
Grand Blanc, Michigan, USA
November 4, 1999

Magnificent.......On any and all my trips abroud I never enjoyed or learned as much as this site. From my own home........ Please help me I am looking for a Nativity Print 24x30 ????can you help Merci

Catherine Lee,
Ventnor City, NJ, USA
November 4, 1999

Dear Emil and Daniel: I have enyoyed your site a lot I cant expres how much I have learned from it I wish I could have more time to spend on your site !wonderful work! please continue with it... Martha G Barrenechea

martha g barrenechea ,
monterrey, nl, mexico
November 4, 1999

Thank you sooo much for this page. Without it, I probably would have failed my Renaissance project. Thank you again!!!!

Honesdale, PA, USA
November 4, 1999

Very interesting, I needed information for one of my classes, and found it to be very useful. Thank You!

Hernando, FL, USA
November 3, 1999

Wonderful site! I have enjoyed the mass of information provided and would like to ask a question. I have 2 prints, one is entitled: A Morning With Rubens, the other, An Evening With Van Dyke. Both were printed in Berlin Germany and then sold in America by Max Jacoby and Zeller around 1846-60 (which is my guess). It appears to be done by an unknown artist. He has grouped several of Rubens and Van Dyke's subjects together in each print. The first, has Rubens 2 wives and children in it (I think by researching Rubens works) the other I am not sure who the subjects are but did notice there is a Grayhound in it and I think would belong to one of the Earls or Lords. They are done in what appears to be watercolors...very chalkey if touched and the primary colors are charcole, royal blue, vivid yellow, pastale pink and blue. I would like very much to find out more about the artist or the prints. They are orginals and I picked them up at an antique store for $25.00 each...not bad. One is somewhat damaged and has been repaired with touch-up watercolors. I had a lady look them over, and she said that whoever fixed them had a graceful hand. I am assuming that they meant allot to the orginal owners otherwise they would not have gone to the trouble of repairs. If anyone knows anything about the prints, would you please contact me at: Thank you in advance, Susan Sanders Reaney

Susan S. Reaney,
November 3, 1999

Your gallery has been very helpful. I am an art history student and you had what I needed for my research. Thanks, Laura

Laura Rizzo,
San Diego, CA, USA
November 3, 1999

It was wonderful to find a web site that was there for absolutely no reason, but for our enjoyment and enlightenment. Thank you so much.

Elizabeth Farlow,
Candler, NC, USA
November 3, 1999

If bueaty is in the eye of the beholder, what if i had no vision. Were would the bueaty in this reside ? I wish so that i could in person be in the presence of each of these pieces. Touch there magnificence and feel there true bueaty. However thank you much for sharing to the world what you could and for my moment of peace! ~~Rayn~~

Rayn Kindred,
Merced, California, United States
November 3, 1999


Eric Osterlind
Long Beach, CA, USA
November 2, 1999


Peter Peot,
Green Bay, Wisconsin, United States
November 2, 1999

THE BEST SITE ON THE WEB. congatulations to you all. C

amprazi zoe,, netscape
giannitsa, GREECE
November 2, 1999

Great Site, Beautiful art at your fingertips, brings back many great memories, etc. GREAT JOB, THANKS FOR SHARING!

JoAnn Ortega,, n/a
Denver, Colorado, USA
November 2, 1999

You have to see it to believe it. What an outstanding collection of art. Please keep on gathering examples and publish it. regards

Piet Schenderling
Rotterdam, Netherlands
November 2, 1999

I am new to this site and plan to return many times

Lynn Radmore,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
November 2, 1999

Dear Daniel: I've dippled into your portfolio and your essay and have enjoyed both. Like you, I have a keen interest in the plastic arts. I look forward to meeting you this afternoon and to seeing some web designs.

Anne Knight,
San Jose, CA, USA
November 1, 1999

U think that your page is excelent and extreamly well designed... Thank you for being a great resource for my school!!!

Dude Person,,
Noman's land, my State, USA
November 1, 1999

I am very lucky to find such a nice web page! I like Italian paintings very much! I want to visit here often.

gifu, Japan
November 1, 1999

Good idea!

Gerry Clarke,
Calgary, AB, Canada
November 1, 1999

Thanks for your beautiful cards. My friends will be delighted, when one of your cards will be sent to them.

Jaap Brakenhoff,
Beverwyk, Holland, The Netherlands
November 1, 1999

Thank you for providing one of the best websites I've found. The selection of artists and paintings is incredible as is the picture quality. Thanks also for the free postcard service. Would it be possible to include a section on Francisco Goya sometime in the near future? Thanks again for a fantastic website. John Lanphier

John Lanphier,
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
November 1, 1999

Thanks for a great site. Doing research for a paper for my humanities class on Jan Van Eyck. Will bookmark and come back to view more of the beautiful paintings. Thanks.

Debra Ashman,
Largo, Florida, USA
November 1, 1999

What a splendid suprise! Thank you so very, very much from me and my many students who will stare in wonderment as they learn. You represent the best of what the internet can be. Robert J. Haskins Professor of Music Wilmington College of Ohio

Prof. Robert J. Haskins,
Wilmington, Ohio, USA
November 1, 1999

Very nice, I spent alot of time looking a these beautiful works of art.

Columbus, Indiana, U.S.A.
November 1, 1999

Votre site est très agréable à parcourir ; il est riche en reproductions et en renseignements sur les artistes. La seule remarque que j'aurais à formuler : c'est qu'il n'y a pas la possibilité de consulter en français. Félicitations pour votre travail.

Puget sur Argens, France
November 1, 1999

This website is soooo cool!! I espeically injoy the picture of the Sistine Chapel and the pannels. Erin Age 9

Erin, Dalysrule
West Hartford, CT, U.S.A.
October 31, 1999

This page is very well organized. It gave me a graet deal of help with things we deal with in my Art Appreciation class, especially the biographies of the artists. Thank you and keep up the good work!

Lindsey Arnold,,
Granite City, IL, USA
October 31, 1999

Sounds Good!!! The BEST site on Internet I've ever visited. Congratulations!!! Where's Van Gogh??????? See u!!!!!!!

Fabio Henrique R. Pereira,,
São Luís, Maranhão, Brazil
October 31, 1999

C. McIntire Cobb,

October 31, 1999

Great! But a little bit disappointing because you can't print the picture pages

thurmes guy,
Ermsdorf, Luxemburg
October 29, 1999

This was very interesting stuff! Have been in Firenze and The Uffizi Gallery -great!

Lone Charlotte Pettersen,
, Norway
October 28, 1999

Just surfed in on your site! It's very interesting and well presented. I especially like your postcard syetem! Regards, Jamie Collins

Jamie Collins,
, West Cork, Ireland
October 28, 1999

How does one find out the name of a painting (an old Flemish Master: Ternier de Jr) And how does one find out what happened to a modern painter, whose work one bought and who had a good reputation and was a Fulbright artist in Germany in the 60's?

Jessica Smith,
Ft Pierce, Florida, USA
October 27, 1999

Just to say thank you for collecting Bernini.

Christopher Smith,
Leipzig, Germany
October 27, 1999

Hi. I am a former North Hollywood resident. I used to live in 6734 Bakman Ave. and would really like to get in touch with anybody from the valley. I am a major in Computer Science and would appreciate any pics of North Hollywood or its surroundings as well. Please write. Your friend...I hope, Diego

diego curci,
Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina
October 27, 1999

Great page, post cards are good idea. WELL DONE

Philippe Allard,
London, U.K.
October 26, 1999

Thanks for this web, it really is great.!!

calgary, alberta, canada.
October 26, 1999

Fra Filippo Lippi is my idol and i live for him each an devery day i am going to dress up as him for halloween my boyfriend is going to paint a mural on my body ...of course it will be one of Filippo's masterpieces.

Lindsey Miller

October 26, 1999

I am researching for a paper on the "Ideal" in art before 1820. After viewing many paintings I've chosen "The Crucifixion" by Matteo di Giovanni. I found your sight while doing an on-line search for information about the work and the artist. Your sight was wonderful; a great visual resource! Thanks! Gabrielle Fogle

Gabrielle Fogle,, Yahoo
San Francisco, CA, U.S.A.
October 25, 1999

very helpful! thank you!


October 25, 1999



October 25, 1999

thank you so much...

Roger Walpole,
St Andrews, Fife, Scotland
October 24, 1999

I really like the artwork and have always been a big fan of the Creation of Man. I thought it ws a great idea to be able to make a postcard of the artwork. Thanks

Jeff Draper,
Atlanta, GA, U.S.
October 24, 1999

Thanks for the website, it's very useful!!!

Kevin Payne
Nottingham, U.K
October 23, 1999

Dear, Now I'm making a gallery site. Because the painting is not good condition so your db is really heplful to me. When I visited your site at last time, I send a card to my best friend. She was really happy. Thank you very much. Sincerely Stella

Stella ,, closed
Seoul, South Korea
October 22, 1999

Me parece increible encontrar un site como este y los felicito po este trabajo,y que siga creciendo,debería haber mas lugares como este gracias

Ma. Cristina Isunza,
Mexico, city, Mexico
October 22, 1999

What a great addition to the Net!

Janine Adkins,
Phoenix, AZ, USA
October 22, 1999

thank you for the opportunity to experience artwork that I would not have been able to find elsewhere!

Junia L. Ziblay,
Chico, CA, US
October 21, 1999

Love your work! Martha

Martha Cecil,

October 21, 1999

I liked your page because i am doing a slide show about Mantegna at school But you didn't have a picture of him and I wanted to copy it to put into my slide show. I need one. I copied lots of pictures off the internet. I thought that your page was the best though.

Deanne Louis,
Mpls, Mn, U.S.A
October 20, 1999

Hallöchen! Ich bin auf der Suche nach einem Kunstdruck von Pieter Bruegel "Der Triumph des Todes". Könnt ihr mir weiter helfen? Wie kann ich ihn bestellen, wo kaufen und für wieviel?

Doreen Czekalla,
Leipzig, Germany
October 20, 1999

Great Franciscan site.thanks for being there.

Richard Russelo,
Steubenville, OH, USA
October 20, 1999

Hi, I am a Ph.D. student on Marinus van Reymerswale. If you want to discuss your entry on him (which i think you should), please contact me. Kind regards, Adri Mackor

adri mackor,, -
doorn, -, netherlands
October 19, 1999

Thank you for your very beautiful program - es koszonom szepen!

Emil Sandi,
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
October 18, 1999

This is the one of the best web sites I've seen. The only way I would change it would be to include more works of marine artists (Vroom, the van de Veldes, Storck, etc.). But that is only because I have a fondness for that sort of thing.

Pete Mason,
Seattle, WA, USA
October 18, 1999

I think yourweb page is awsome, but I was wondering if you could help me out. I have to do a research paper for my Ap Art History class on the Florence Cathedral and I can't find any information or pictures about it's interior. All I can find is pictures of the dome and nothing about the inside. Maybe you can help me out. If you have any information about the Florence cathdral I'd really appreciate it if you could e-mail me that. Thanks alot. Your web page is really good. Becky

Murrieta, Ca, USA
October 18, 1999

impressed by your site!

Gerry Hallen,,
bangkok, samsenai, thailand
October 17, 1999

I am Artista of São Paulo, Brazil. I have a Site and would like to be included in the WEB list GALLERY. My name is Francisco Bernardini. My address is: Thankful by the attention Bernardin

Francisco Bernardini,,
São Paulo, SP, Brazil
October 16, 1999

The layout proved useful and although I was new to the site it has helped me no end in writing an A-level piece on art and message. Thankyou!

Mel Turnbull
Reading, UK
October 15, 1999

It is just what I was looking for! Oh... Excellent Itself ! Thanks God

Kevin Kim,
YongIn, KyungGi, Korea
October 14, 1999

I have read all the comments of spring 1999 and concur entirely with all the sentiments expressed therein. I find those comments so all encompassing it is hard to add anything else. Inspiring and beautiful in a crase and un- caring world. I hope you can find the time and money to extend the time frame to 18th and 19th Century.

Nial Castle,,
San Diego, Ca. 92103, USA
October 14, 1999

I thought that the Sistine Chapel pictures were great!

Ligia R,
Fullerton, Ca, USA
October 13, 1999

WOW!!! It's a truly amazing web-site.... that's the ultimate comment you can get from an art history student.

Tarima Ali,
rochester hills, MI, U.S.A.
October 13, 1999

What a surpriseto find this neat website. I've book-marked it to come back again. Like a refresher Art History 101.

Eunice M. Cohen,
Sarasota, Florida, USA
October 12, 1999


Aris Mantzouranis,
Athens, Attika, Greece
October 12, 1999

lisa King
Eielson AFB, AK, USA
October 11, 1999

We were searching for our family`s history at the web when we found this page. We don't know if we are their relatives, but their works interested us.

Luciano & Alexandre Lorenzetti,
Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil
October 10, 1999

Thank you so very much. It's wonderful for an old man to be able to sit at home, and still be able to tour a great art gallery. With reference to Michelangelo, you only list him as a painter, when he was so much more: poet, author, architect, sculptor, draughtsman, painter, and ... . Will you be opening a another wing to the gallery to add some of the great artists up to 2000?

Dick Collins,,
La Puente, CA, USA
October 10, 1999


October 9, 1999

This is the best site for art information I have seen so far. Thank you.

Robert Salas,
upland, CA., usa
October 9, 1999

Hello, my name is Sally Foster, but my maiden name is "TUSCAN". I and others in my family beleive that we must have come from Tuscany, Italy. But, I've been having a difficult time finding information about my name "TUSCAN". But, I have found that Tuscan is the English version of the name or word "TOSCANO", so I feel that my ancestor was probably named Toscano before coming here to Maine. He was born in 1787 , married in 1810, lived in Bingham , Maine in 1812. I would like to know more about him and my heritage, as well as his and our family heritage of religious beliefs. I would liket o know if we could poss. be of Jewish heritage. Any info. anyone has would be greatly appreciated. Respectfully, Sally Foster, Maine, U.S.A. e mail me :

Sally Foster,
Solon, Maine, U.S.A.
October 8, 1999

your site is very great and beautiful

quebec, quebec, canada
October 8, 1999

lovely and exciting!you made a very good work; thanks a lot for visiting.

Genova, Italy, Europe
October 8, 1999

Highly recomendable, i just found what i was looking for. Great work guys. A place for image fanatics. Altamente recomendable, encontre exactamente lo que buscaba. Gran trabajo. Un lugar para los fanáticos de la imagen.

Eduardo Fragoso Salomón,, none
Mexico City, D.F., México
October 7, 1999

Thank you for allowing us to visit your holy sanctuary. It was a very moving visit. The pictures were beautiful and brought the art up close. Keep up the good work and thank you again.

Justin Halterman
Salem, Virginia, USA
October 7, 1999

I enjoyed my brief learning experience to your site. But i would like it very much if you added to it. I mean could you give us more on Louis XIV? I woul dreally apperciate it. thanks.

Christina Siguaw,, none
Astoria, Oregon, USA
October 6, 1999

never saw it

tony, -----------------, --------------
oakdale, ca, usa
October 5, 1999 I am honored to have some of my work displayed on the catholic information network. The prints of the pieta showed up a little dark on the web, it is actually a softer pencilsketch.

Philip Sather,
Kyle, Sask., Canada
October 5, 1999

I love this website! It has so much to offer and is educational as well. It is just what I was looking for!

Kim Spicer,
Eatontown, New Jersey, United States
October 4, 1999

I really enjoyed visiting you! I'll be back soon. Giovanna

Milano, Italy
October 4, 1999

Your site is one of the best I've found. Even with the limitation of webtv, it makes the clock stop. More history would be appreciated, but perhaps that's on other sites I've yet to find. Please help me find Cecilia Gallarani - I read about her years ago but time clouds the memory. Thanks for the pleasant surprise of finding your site.

Gerald Armstrong,
Eureka, CA, USA
October 3, 1999

This was a lovely collection of the art of Giotto. It helped me to re-live my visit to Italy.

Victoria LoGuercio,
West Islip, New York, USA
October 3, 1999

Eccellente,bello,interessante,di qualità. Con un solo colpo d'occhio,rivivi tutto il fascino e il mistero dell'Arte universale.Grazie.

Catanzaro, Italy, Calabria
October 3, 1999

Thank you for sharing the great works of the European Masters. I have enjoyed studying them. I hope they allow others to see what art 'could be'. I do not wish to share my email until you provide a secure site to send it. Too much 'spamming'. Thanks again for providing the site!

marha smith
lakewood, CO, USA
October 2, 1999

Would like to see all forms of art, up to date as well as the beautiful old art.

Roselyn Mitchell,
Griffin, Georgia, Spalding
October 2, 1999

Thank you and congratulations for such a wonderful web-site. Es una maravilla. Gracias

Santander, España
October 2, 1999

It is lovely to see so many illuminated manuscript pages here. I adore illuminated manuscripts.

Arielle Hart,
Maple Grove, MN, USA
October 2, 1999

Many thanks for this spectacular site. The postcards are wonderful.

Rosemarie Downs
Santa Barbara, California, USA
October 2, 1999

One of the best sites I have every come accross. As we say in Wales "Bendigedig" - excellent

John Gillibrand,
Menai Bridge, Anglesey, Wales
October 1, 1999

New to your site. Refered to it by a good friend. Looks great so far and I am looking forward to enjoying going through it in detail.

Tom Simon,
Westbury, NY, USA
October 1, 1999

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