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CABEZALERO, Juan Martín (1633-1673) Spanish painter
CAFFA, Melchiore (1635-1667) Maltese sculptor (Rome)
CAFFIÉRI, Jean-Jacques (1725-1792) French sculptor
CAFFIÉRI, Philippe (1714-1774) French bronze-caster
CAGNACCI, Guido (1601-1682) Italian painter
CAJES, Eugenio (1575-1634) Spanish painter (Madrid)
CALAME, Alexandre (1810-1864) Swiss painter
CALLET, Antoine-François (1741-1823) French painter
CALLOIGNE, Jan Robert (1775-1830) Flemish sculptor
CALLOT, Jacques (1592-1635) French engraver
CALRAET, Abraham van (1642-1722) Dutch painter (Dordrecht)
CALVAERT, Denys (1540-1619) Flemish painter (Bologna)
CAMASSEI, Andrea (1602-1649) Italian painter (Rome)
CAMBIASO, Luca (1527-1585) Italian painter (Genoa)
CAMETTI, Bernardino (1669-1736) Italian sculptor (Rome)
CAMILO, Francisco (1615-1673) Spanish painter (Madrid)
CAMPAGNA, Girolamo (c. 1549-1625) Italian sculptor (Venice)
CAMPAÑA, Pedro de (1503-1580) Flemish/Spanish painter
CAMPEN, Jacob van (1595-1657) Dutch architect/painter
CAMPENY Y ESTANY, Damián (1771-1855) Catalan sculptor
CAMPI, Giulio (1502-1572) Italian painter (Cremona)
CAMPI, Vincenzo (1536-1591) Italian painter (Cremona)
CAMPIN, Robert (see MASTER of Flémalle) (1375-1444) Flemish painter (Tournai)
CAMPROBÍN, Pedro de (1605-1674) Spanish painter (Seville)
CANAL, Bernardo (1664-1744) Italian painter (Venice)
CANALETTO (1697-1768) Italian painter (Venice)
CANO, Alonso (1601-1667) Spanish painter/sculptor
CANOVA, Antonio (1757-1822) Italian sculptor
CANTARINI, Simone (1612-1648) Italian painter (Pesaro)
CAPELLE, Jan van de (1624-1679) Dutch painter (Amsterdam)
CAPORALI, Bartolomeo (c. 1420-1505) Italian painter (Perugia)
CAPRIOLO, Domenico (1494-1528) Italian painter (Venice)
CARACCIOLO, Giovanni Battista (1578-1635) Italian painter (Naples)
CARAVAGGIO (1573-1610) Italian painter (Rome, Sicily)
CARDI, Lodovico (see CIGOLI) (1559-1613) Italian painter (Florence)
CARDUCHO, Bartolomé (1554-1608) Spanish/Italian painter
CARDUCHO, Vicente (1576-1638) Spanish/Italian painter
CARIANI (1485-1547) Italian painter (Venice)
CARLEVARIS, Luca (1663-1730) Italian painter (Venice)
CARNICERO Y MANCIO, Antonio (1748-1814) Spanish painter
CARON, Antoine (1521-1599) French painter
CAROSELLI, Angelo (1585-1652) Italian painter (Rome)
CAROTO, Giovanni Francesco (1488-after 1562) Italian painter (Verona)
CARPACCIO, Vittore (1472-1526) Italian painter (Venice)
CARPI, Girolamo da (1501-1556) Italian painter (Ferrara)
CARPIONI, Giulio (1613-1674) Italian painter (Venice)
CARRACCI, Agostino (1557-1602) Italian painter (Bologna)
CARRACCI, Annibale (1560-1609) Italian painter (Bologna)
CARRACCI, Antonio (c. 1583-1618) Italian painter (Bologna)
CARRACCI, Lodovico (1555-1619) Italian painter (Bologna)
CARREÑO DE MIRANDA, Juan (1614-1685) Spanish painter (Madrid)
CARRIERA, Rosalba (1675-1757) Italian woman painter (Venice)
CARSTENS, Asmus Jakob (1754-1798) Danish painter
CARTELLIER, Pierre (1757-1831) French sculptor
CARUS, Carl Gustav (1789-1869) German painter
CASTELLO, Valerio (1624-1659) Italian painter (Genoa)
CASTELLÓ, Vicente (c. 1588-c. 1636) Spanish painter (Valencia)
CASTIGLIONE, Giovanni Benedetto (1609-1664) Italian painter (Genoa)
CASTILLO, Antonio del (1616-1668) Spanish painter (Cordoba)
CATARINO (known 1362-1382) Italian painter (Venice)
CATEL, Franz Ludwig (1778-1856) German painter
CATENA, Vincenzo (c. 1480-1531) Italian painter (Venice)
CATLIN, George (1796-1872) American painter
CATS, Jacob (1741-1799) Dutch painter
CATTANEO, Danese (c. 1509-1572) Italian sculptor (Venice)
CAUSICI, Enrico (1790-1835) Italian sculptor (North America
CAVALIERE d'Arpino (see CESARI) (1568-1640) Italian painter (Rome)
CAVALLINI, Pietro (1250-1330) Italian painter (Rome)
CAVALLINO, Bernardo (1616-1656) Italian painter (Naples)
CAVAROZZI, Bartolomeo (c. 1590-1625) Italian painter (Rome)
CAVAZZOLA (c. 1486-1522) Italian painter (Verona)
CECCO DEL CARAVAGGIO (active 1610s) French painter (Rome)
CELESTI, Andrea (1637-1712) Italian painter (Venice)
CELLINI, Benvenuto (1500-1571) Italian sculptor/goldsmith
CERANO, Il (see CRESPI, Giovanni) (1557-1632) Italian painter (Milan)
CEREZO, Mateo (c. 1626-1666) Spanish painter (Madrid)
CERQUOZZI, Michelangelo (1602-1660) Italian painter (Rome)
CERUTI, Giacomo (1698-1767) Italian painter (Lombardy)
CESARE da Sesto (1477-1523) Italian painter (Lombardy)
CESARI, Giuseppe (1568-1640) Italian painter (Rome)
CHAMPAIGNE, Philippe de (1602-1674) French painter
CHANGENET, Jean (active 1486-1493) French painter (Provence)
CHANTREY, Sir Francis Legatt (1781-1841) English sculptor
CHARDIN, Jean-Baptiste-Siméon (1699-1779) French painter
CHARONTON, Enguerrand (1410-1461) French painter (Avignon)
CHARPENTIER, Constance (1767-1849) French woman painter
CHASSÉRIAU, Théodore (1819-1856) French painter
CHAUDET, Denis-Antoine (1763-1810) French sculptor
CHERICO, Francesco Antonio del (active 1450-70) Italian miniaturist (Florence)
CHINARD, Joseph (1756-1813) French sculptor
CHRISTIAN, Johann Josef (1706-1777) German sculptor
CHRISTUS, Petrus (active 1444-1473) Flemish painter (Bruges)
CHURCH, Frederic Edwin (1826-1900) American painter
CHURRIGUERA, José Benito (1665-1725) Spanish sculptor
CIGNANI, Carlo (1628-1719) Italian painter (Bologna)
CIGOLI (1559-1613) Italian painter (Florence)
CIMA da Conegliano (1459-1518) Italian painter (Venice)
CIMABUE (1240-1302) Italian painter (Florence)
CINCINNATO, Romulo (1502-1593) Italian painter (Spain)
CIOLI, Valerio (c. 1529-1599) Italian sculptor (Florence)
CIONE, Andrea di (see ORCAGNA) (1308-1368) Italian painter (Florence)
CIONE, Nardo di (see NARDO di Cione) (active 1343-1366) Italian painter (Florence)
CIUFFAGNI, Bernardo (1381-1457) Italian sculptor (Florence)
CIVITALE, Matteo (1435-1501) Italian sculptor
CLAEISSENS, Antoon (c. 1538-1613) Flemish painter (Bruges)
CLAEISSENS, Pieter the Younger ( c. 1540-1623) Flemish painter (Bruges)
CLAESZ, Pieter (1595/97-1661) Dutch painter (Haarlem)
CLAUDE LORRAIN (1600-1682) French painter (Rome)
CLERCK, Hendrik de (c. 1570-1630) Flemish painter (Brussels)
CLEVE, Cornelis van (1520-1570) Flemish painter (Antwerp)
CLEVE, Joos van (1485-1540) Flemish painter (Antwerp)
CLODION (1738-1814) French sculptor
CLOUET, Francois (1510-1572) French painter
CLOUET, Jean (1485/90-1541) French painter
COCK, Paul de (1724-1801) Flemish painter
CODAZZI, Viviano (1604-1670) Italian painter (Rome)
CODDE, Pieter (1599-1678) Dutch painter (Amsterdam)
COECKE VAN AELST, Pieter (1502-1556) Flemish painter (Brussels)
COELLO, Claudio (1642-1693) Spanish painter
COLE, Thomas (1801-1848) American painter
COLLANTES, Francisco (1599-1656) Spanish painter
COLLIER, Edwart (1640-1710) Dutch painter
COLLINO, Filippo (1737-1801) Italian sculptor (Turin)
COLLINO, Ignazio (1724-1793) Italian sculptor (Turin)
COLOMBE, Michel (c. 1430-1512) French sculptor
COLYN, Alexander (1527/29-1612) Flemish sculptor
COMPE, Jan ten (1713-1761) Dutch painter (Amsterdam)
CONGNET, Gillis (c. 1538-1599) Flemish painter
CONINXLOO, Gillis van (1544-1607) Flemish painter
CONSTABLE, John (1776-1837) English painter
COORTE, Adriaen (active 1683-1707) Dutch painter
COPLEY, John Singleton (1738-1815) English painter
COPPO DI MARCOVALDO (1225-1274) Italian painter (Florence)
COQUES, Gonzales (1614-1684) Flemish painter (Antwerp)
CORDIER, Nicolas (1565-1612) French sculptor
CORDOBA, Pedro de (active in 1470s) Spanish painter (Cordoba)
CORNACCHINI, Agostino (1683-1754) Italian sculptor (Rome)
CORNEILLE DE LYON (c. 1500 - c. 1574) Dutch/French painter (Lyons)
CORNELIS VAN HAARLEM (1562-1638) Dutch painter (Haarlem)
CORNELISZ VAN OOSTSANEN, Jacob (c. 1470-1533) Netherlandish painter
CORNELIUS, Peter (1783-1867) German painter
CORRADINI, Antonio (1668-1752) Italian sculptor
CORREGGIO (1490-1534) Italian painter (Parma)
CORTE, Gabriel de la (1648-1694) Spanish painter (Madrid)
COSMA, Deodato di (active c. 1300) Italian sculptor (Rome)
COSMA, Giovanni di (active 1290s) Italian sculptor (Rome)
COSSA, Francesco del (1435-1477) Italian painter (Ferrara)
COSTA, Lorenzo (1460-1535) Italian painter (Ferrara)
COSWAY, Richard (1742-1821) English miniaturist
COTER, Colijn de (c. 1446-1538) Flemish painter
COURT, Joseph-Désiré (1797-1865) French painter
COURTOIS, Jacques (1621-1676) French painter (Rome)
COUSIN, Jean the Elder (c. 1495 - c. 1560) French painter/designer
COUSTENS, Pieter (active 1453-1487) Flemish painter
COUSTOU, Guillaume (1677-1746) French sculptor
COUSTOU, Nicolas (1658-1733) French sculptor
COUTURE, Thomas (1815-1879) French painter
COUWENBERGH, Christiaen van (1604-1667) Dutch painter (Delft)
COXCIE, Michiel van (1499-1592) Flemish painter (Mechelen)
COXCIE, Raphael (1540-1616) Flemish painter (Mechelen)
COYPEL, Antoine (1661-1722) French painter
COYPEL, Charles-Antoine (1694-1752) French painter
COYPEL, Noel-Nicolas (1690-1734) French painter
COYSEVOX, Antoine (1640-1720) French sculptor
COZENS, John Robert (1752-1797) English painter
CRANACH, Lucas the Elder (1472-1553) German painter (Wittenberg)
CRANACH, Lucas the Younger (1515-1586) German painter
CRAYER, Gaspard de (1584-1669) Flemish painter (Ghent)
CRESPI, Daniele (c. 1590-1630) Italian painter (Milan)
CRESPI, Giovanni Battista (1557-1632) Italian painter (Milan)
CRESPI, Giuseppe Maria (1665-1747) Italian painter (Bologna)
CRETI, Donato (1671-1749) Italian painter (Bologna)
CRIVELLI, Carlo (1430/35-1495) Italian painter (Venice)
CRIVELLI, Vittorio (1440-1502) Italian painter (Venice)
CUYCK VAN MYEROP, Frans (c. 1640-1689) Flemish painter
CUYP, Aelbert (1620-1691) Dutch painter (Dordrecht)
CUYP, Benjamin Gerritsz. (1612-1652) Dutch painter (Dordrecht)

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