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PACHECO, Francisco (1564-1654) Spanish painter (Seville)
PACHER, Michael (1435-1498) Tyrolean painter/sculptor
PACHER, Friedrich (active 1470-80) Tyrolean painter
PAELINCK, Joseph (1781-1839) Flemish painter
PAJOU, Augustin (1730-1809) French sculptor
PALAGI, Pelagio (1775/77-1860) Italian painter
PALAMEDESZ, Antonie (1601-1673) Dutch painter (Delft)
PALAMEDESZ., Palamedes (1607-1638) Dutch painter (England)
PALISSY, Bernard (1510-1590) French glass painter
PALMA GIOVANE (1544-1628) Italian painter (Venice)
PALMA VECCHIO (1480-1528) Italian painter (Venice)
PALMER, Samuel (1805-1881) English painter
PALMERINO DI GUIDO (active around 1300) Italian painter
PALOMINO, Acislo Antonio (1655-1726) Spanish painter
PALUDANUS, Guillielmus (1530-1579) Flemish sculptor (Antwerp)
PANNINI, Giovanni Paolo (1692-1765) Italian painter (Rome)
PANTOJA DE LA CRUZ, Juan (1553-1608) Spanish painter (Madrid)
PAOLINI, Pietro (1603-1681) Italian painter (Lucca)
PAOLO ROMANO (1415-1470) Italian sculptor (Rome)
PAOLO VENEZIANO (1300-1360) Italian painter (Venice)
PARACCA, Giovanni Antonio (d. c. 1584) Italian sculptor (Rome)
PARENZANO, Bernardino (c. 1450-c. 1500) Italian painter (Padua)
PARET Y ALCAZÁR, Luis (1746-1799) Spanish painter (Madrid)
PARLER, Peter (1330-1399) German sculptor (Prague)
PARMIGIANINO (1503-1540) Italian painter (Parma)
PARODI, Filippo (1630-1702) Italian sculptor (Genoa)
PARROCEL, Joseph (1646-1704) French painter
PASSEROTTI, Bartolomeo (1529-1592) Italian painter (Bologna)
PATEL, Pierre (1605-1676) French painter (Paris)
PATENIER, Joachim (c. 1480-1524) Flemish painter (Antwerp)
PATER, Jean Baptiste Joseph (1695-1735) French painter (Paris)
PAUR, Hans (documented 1445-1472) German woodcutter (Nuremberg)
PEALE, James (1749-1831) American painter
PEARCE, Edward (d. 1695) English sculptor
PEETERS, Bonaventura the Elder (1614-1652) Flemish painter
PEETERS, Clara (1594-1659) Flemish woman painter (Antwerp)
PELLEGRINI, Giovanni Antonio (1675-1741) Italian painter (Venice)
PENCZ, Georg (1500-1550) German painter (Nuremberg)
PENSIONANTE DEL SARACENI (active in 1610s) French (?) painter (Rome)
PEPIJN, Marten (1575-1643) Flemish painter (Antwerp)
PEREDA, Antonio de (1611-1678) Spanish painter (Madrid)
PEREYRA, Manuel (1588-1683) Spanish/Portuguese sculptor
PÉREZ, Bartolomé (1634-1693) Spanish painter (Madrid)
PÉREZ SIERRA, Francisco (1627-1709) Spanish painter (Madrid)
PERMOSER, Balthasar (1651-1732) German sculptor
PERRIER, François (1715-1783) French painter
PERRONNEAU, Jean-Baptiste (1715-1783) French painter
PERUGINO, Pietro (1450-1523) Italian painter (Umbria)
PERUZZI, Baldassare (1481-1536) Italian architect (Rome)
PESELLINO (1422-1457) Italian painter (Florence)
PESNE, Antoine (1683-1757) French painter
PETEL, Jörg (1601-1634) German sculptor
PEYRON, Jean-François-Pierre (1744-1814) French painter
PFORR, Franz (1788-1812) German painter
PHILLIPS, Thomas (1770-1845) English painter
PIAMONTINI, Giuseppe (1664-1742) Italian sculptor (Florence)
PIAZZA, Callisto (c. 1500-c. 1561) Italian painter (Lombardy)
PIAZZETTA, Giovanni Battista (1683-1754) Italian painter (Venice)
PICKENOY, Nicolaes Eliasz. (1588-1654/56) Dutch painter (Amsterdam)
PIENEMAN, Jan Willem (1779-1853) Dutch painter
PIERO della FRANCESCA (1416-1492) Italian painter
PIERO DI COSIMO (1462-1521) Italian painter (Florence)
PIETERSZ, Pieter (1540-1603) Dutch painter
PIETRO DA CORTONA (1596-1669) Italian painter (Rome)
PIETRO DA RIMINI (active 1300-1350) Italian painter (Emilia)
PIETRO di Giovanni d'Ambrogio (1410-1449) Italian painter (Siena)
PIGALLE, Jean-Baptiste (1714-1785) French sculptor
PILGRAM, Anton (1455-1515) Austrian sculptor
PILON, Germain (1525/30-1590) French sculptor
PINTURICCHIO (1454-1513) Italian painter
PIOLA, Domenico (1627-1703) Italian painter (Genoa)
PIPPI, Giulio (see GIULIO ROMANO) (1499-1546) Italian painter (Rome)
PIRANESI, Giovanni Battista (1720-1778) Italian printmaker
PISANELLO (1395-1455) Italian painter/sculptor
PISANO, Andrea (active 1290-1349) Italian sculptor
PISANO, Giovanni (1250-1314) Italian sculptor (Pisa)
PISANO, Nicola (active 1258-78) Italian sculptor (Pisa)
PISANO, Nino (active c. 1349-1360) Italian sculptor (Pisa)
PITATI, Bonifazio de' (see BONIFACIO VERONESE) (active 1487-1557) Italian painter (Verona)
PITTONI, Giambattista (1687-1767) Italian painter (Venice)
PLEYDENWURFF, Hans (1420-1472) German painter (Nuremberg)
POEL, Egbert van der (1621-1664) Dutch painter (Delft)
POELENBURGH, Cornelis van (c. 1586-1667) Dutch painter (Utrecht)
POLACK, Jan (? -1519) Polish painter (Munich)
POLLAIUOLO, Antonio del (1432-1498) Italian painter/sculptor
POLLAIUOLO, Piero del (1441-1496) Italian painter (Florence)
POMARANCIO (c. 1553-1626) Italian painter (Rome)
PONCE, Antonio (1608-1677) Spanish painter (Madrid)
PONSONELLI, Giacomo Antonio (1654-1735) Italian sculptor (Genoa)
PONTIUS, Paulus (1603-1658) Flemish engraver (Antwerp)
PONTORMO, Jacopo (1494-1557) Italian painter (Florence)
PONZIO, Flaminio (1560-1613) Italian sculptor
POORTER, Willem de (1608 - after 1648) Dutch painter (Amsterdam)
PORCELLIS, Jan (c. 1584-1632) Dutch painter
PORDENONE (1484-1539) Italian painter (Venice)
PORTA, Giacomo della (c. 1533-1602) Italian sculptor/architect
PORTA, Guglielmo della (c. 1490-1577) Italian sculptor/architect
POST, Frans (1612-1680) Dutch painter (Haarlem)
POST, Pieter Jansz (1608-1669) Dutch architect/painter
POT, Hendrick Gerritsz (c. 1580-1657) Dutch painter (Haarlem)
POTTER, Paulus (1625-1654) Dutch painter (Amsterdam)
POURBUS, Frans the Elder (1545-1581) Flemish painter (Antwerp)
POURBUS, Frans the Younger (1569-1622) Flemish painter
POURBUS, Pieter (1523-1584) Flemish painter (Bruges)
POUSSIN, Gaspard (see DUGHET, Gaspard) (1615-1675) French painter (Rome)
POUSSIN, Nicolas (1594-1665) French painter (Rome)
POZZO, Andrea (1642-1709) Italian painter
PRADIER, James (1792-1852) Swiss sculptor
PRÉAULT, Antoine-Augustin (1809-1879) French sculptor
PREDIS, Ambrogio de (c. 1455-after 1508) Italian painter (Lombardy)
PRETI, Mattia (1613-1699) Italian painter (Malta)
PRIMATICCIO, Francesco (1504-1570) Italian painter
PROCACCINI, Carlo Antonio (1555-1605) Italian painter (Milan)
PROCACCINI, Giulio Cesare (1574-1625) Italian painter (Milan)
PROVOST, Jan (1465-1529) Flemish painter (Bruges)
PRUD'HON, Pierre-Paul (1758-1823) French painter
PUCELLE, Jean (c. 1300-c. 1355) French illuminator
PUGET, Pierre (1620-1694) French sculptor
PULIGO, Domenico (1492-1527) Italian painter (Florence)
PULZONE, Scipione (1544, Gaeta, d. 1598) Italian painter
PYNACKER, Adam (1620/21-1673) Dutch painter
PYNAS, Jacob (1592/95-after 1656) Dutch painter (Amsterdam)
PYNAS, Jan (1583/84-1631) Dutch painter (Amsterdam)

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