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SACCHI, Andrea (1599-1661) Italian painter (Rome)
SAENREDAM, Pieter Jansz (1597-1665) Dutch painter (Haarlem)
SAFTLEVEN, Cornelis (1607-1681) Dutch painter
SAFTLEVEN, Herman (1609-1685) Dutch painter
SAINT-AUBIN, Gabriel de (1775-1837) French painter
SALIMBENI, Ventura (1567-1613) Italian painter (Siena)
SALINI, Tommaso (1575-1625) Italian painter (Rome)
SALUCCI, Alessandro (1590-1655/60) Italian painter (Rome)
SALVI, Niccolò (1697-1751) Italian sculptor (Rome)
SALVI, Giovanni Battista (see SASSOFERRATO) (1609-1685) Italian painter (Central Italy)
SALVIATI, Cecchino del (1510-1563) Italian painter (Florence)
SALZILLO, Francisco (1707-1783) Spanish sculptor
SAMMARTINO, Giuseppe (1720-1793) Italian sculptor (Naples)
SANCHEZ COELLO, Alonso (1531-1588) Spanish painter
SANCHEZ COTÁN, Juan (1561-1627) Spanish painter
SANCHEZ, Pedro (active 1450-1500) Spanish painter (Seville)
SANDBY, Paul (1725/26-1809) English painter
SANDRART, Joachim von (1609-1688) German painter/writer
SANGALLO, Giuliano da (1445-1516) Italian sculptor/architect
SANO di Pietro (1406-1481) Italian painter (Siena)
SANSOVINO, Andrea (c. 1467-1529) Italian sculptor
SANSOVINO, Jacopo (1486-1570) Italian sculptor/architect
SANTERRE, Jean-Baptiste 1658-1717) French painter
SARACENI, Carlo (1579-1620) Italian painter (Venice)
SARRAZIN, Jacques (1588-1660) French sculptor
SASSETTA (1392-1450) Italian painter (Siena)
SASSOFERRATO (1609-1685) Italian painter (Central Italy)
SAVERY, Roelandt (1576-1639) Flemish painter
SAVOLDO, Giovanni Girolamo (1480-1548) Italian painter (Venice)
SCHADOW, Johann Gottfried (1764-1850) German sculptor
SCHADOW, Ridolfo (1786-1822) German sculptor
SCHADOW, Wilhelm von (1788-1862) German painter
SCHALCKEN, Godfried (1643-1706) Dutch painter
SCHALLER, Johann Nepomuk (1777-1842) German sculptor
SCHARDT, Johann Gregor van der (1530 - after 1581) Netherlandish sculptor
SCHAUFELEIN, Hans Leonhard (c. 1480 - c. 1540) German painter
SCHEDEL, Hartmann (c. 1480 - c. 1540) German printmaker
SCHEDONI, Bartolomeo (1578-1615) Italian painter (Parma)
SCHEEMAEKERS, Petrus the Elder (1652-1714) Flemish sculptor (Antwerp)
SCHEERE, Herman (active 1403-1419) German miniaturist (London)
SCHEFFER, Ary (1795-1858) Dutch painter
SCHEGGIA (1406-1486) Italian painter (Florence)
SCHIAFFINO, Francesco Maria (1688-1763) Italian sculptor (Genoa)
SCHIAVONE, Andrea (c. 1515-1563) Italian painter (Venice)
SCHINKEL, Karl Friedrich (1781-1841) German architect/painter
SCHLÜTER, Andreas (c. 1660-1714) German sculptor
SCHMIDT, Martin Johann (1718-1801) Austrian painter
SCHNETZ, Jean-Victor (1787-1870) French painter
SCHNORR VON CAROLSFELD, Julius (1794-1872) German painter
SCHÖN, Erhard (c. 1491-1542) German woodcut designer
SCHÖNFELD, Johann Heinrich (1609-1683) German painter
SCHONGAUER, Martin (1430-1491) German painter (Colmar)
SCHOOTEN, Floris Gerritsz. van (1590-after 1655) Dutch painter (Haarlem)
SCHRIECK, Otto Marseus van (1619/20-1678) Dutch painter (Amsterdam)
SCHWANTHALER, Ludwig (1802-1848) German sculptor
SCHWARZ, Hans (1492 - after 1521) German sculptor (Augsburg)
SCHWIND, Moritz von (1804-1871) Austrian painter
SCOREL, Jan van (1495-1562) Dutch painter
SCOTT, Samuel (1702-1772) English painter
SCOTT, William Bell (1811-1890) Scottish painter
SCOTTI, Gottardo (active 1454-1485) Italian painter (Lombardy)
SEBASTIANO DEL PIOMBO (1485-1547) Italian painter (Venice)
SEGHERS, Daniel (1590-1661) Flemish painter (Antwerp)
SEGHERS, Gerard (1591-1651) Flemish painter (Antwerp)
SEGHERS, Hercules (c. 1590-c. 1638) Dutch painter (Amsterdam)
SEGNA DI BUONAVENTURE (? - 1331) Italian painter (Siena)
SEISENEGGER, Jacob (1504/05 - 1567) Austrian painter
SERGEL, Johan Tobias (1740-1814) Swedish sculptor
SERODINE, Giovanni (1600-1630) Italian painter (Rome)
SERPOTTA, Giacomo (1652-1732) Italian sculptor (Sicily)
SERRA, Jaume (d. after 1405) Spanish painter (Catalonia)
SERRA, Pedro (active 1363-1399) Spanish painter (Catalonia)
SIBERECHTS, Jan (1627-1703) Flemish painter (England)
SIGNORELLI, Luca (1450-1523) Italian painter (Central Italy)
SILOE, Diego de (c. 1495-1563) Spanish sculptor
SILOE, Gil de (d. c. 1501) Spanish sculptor (Burgos)
SILVESTRE, Israël (1621-1691) French engraver
SILVESTRO DELL'ACQUILA (active 1471-1504) Italian sculptor (Acquila)
SIMONE MARTINI (1280/85-1344) Italian painter (Siena)
SIRANI, Elisabetta (1638-1665) Italian woman painter
SITTOW, Michel (c. 1468-1525) Flemish/Baltic painter
SLODTZ, Paul-Ambroise (1702-1758) French sculptor
SLODTZ, René-Michel (1705-1764) French sculptor
SLUTER, Claus (c. 1350-1406) Flemish sculptor (Burgundy)
SMART, John (1741-1811) English miniaturist
SNYDERS, Frans (1579-1657) Flemish painter (Antwerp)
SODOMA, Il (1477-1549) Italian painter (Siena)
SOLA, Antonio (1787-1861) Spanish sculptor
SOLARI, Andrea (c. 1475-1515) Italian painter (Lombardy)
SOLARI, Cristoforo (active 1489-1520) Italian sculptor (Lombardy)
SOLDANI BENZI, Massimiliano (1656-1740) Italian sculptor/medalist
SOLIMENA, Francesco (1657-1743) Italian painter (Naples)
SOMER, Paulus van (c. 1576-1621) Flemish painter (London)
SON, Joris van (1623-1667) Flemish painter
SPADA, Lionello (1576-1622) Italian painter (Bologna)
SPAGNOLETTO, Lo (see RIBERA, Jusepe de) (1591-1652) Spanish painter (Italy)
SPAGNUOLO, Lo (see CRESPI, Giuseppe Maria) (1665-1747) Italian painter (Bologna)
SPELT, Adrian van der (c. 1630-1673) Dutch painter
SPINAZZI, Innocenzo (1726-1798) Italian sculptor (Florence)
SPINELLO ARETINO (1345-1410) Italian painter (Siena)
SPITZWEG, Carl (1808-1885) German painter
SPRANGER, Bartholomaeus (1546-1611) Flemish painter (Prague)
SQUARCIONE, Francesco (1397-1468) Italian painter (Padua)
STALBEMT, Adriaan van (1580-1662) Flemish painter (Antwerp)
STANZIONE, Massimo (1585-1656) Italian painter (Naples)
STARNINA, Gherardo di Jacopo (c. 1354-1409/13) Italian painter (Florence)
STEEN, Jan (1626-1679) Dutch painter
STEENWIJCK, Harmen (1612-1656) Dutch painter (Leiden)
STEENWYCK, Hendrick the Younger (c. 1580-1649) Flemish painter
STEFANO DA ZEVIO (1375-1451) Italian painter (Verona)
STEFANO DI GIOVANNI (see SASSETTA) (1392-1450) Italian painter (Siena)
STEINLE, Edward Jakob von (1810-1886) German painter
STELLA, Jacques (1596-1657) French painter
STIELER, Karl Joseph (1781-1858) German painter
STOCKT, Vrancke van der (c. 1420-1495) Flemish painter
STOM, Antonio (1688-1734) Northern European painter (Venice)
STOM, Matthias (c. 1600-after 1650) Dutch painter
STONE, Nicholas (1586-1647) English architect/sculptor
STORCK, Abraham (1644-1708) Dutch painter (Amsterdam)
STORCK, Jacobus (1641-1688) Dutch painter (Amsterdam)
STOSKOPFF, Sébastien (1597-1657) French painter
STOSS, Veit (c. 1450-1533) German sculptor
STRANOVER, Tobias (1684-1756) Transylvanian painter (London)
STRAUB, Johann Baptist (1705-1784) German sculptor
STREECK, Juriaen van (1632-1687) Dutch painter (Amsterdam)
STRIGEL, Bernhard (1460-1528) German painter (Swabia)
STRIGEL, Hans II (active 1450-1480) German painter (Swabia)
STROZZI, Bernardo (1581-1644) Italian painter (Genoa)
STUART, Gilbert (1755-1828) American painter
STUBBS, George (1724-1806) English painter
SUARDI, Bartolomeo (see BRAMANTINO) (c. 1460-1536) Italian painter (Lombardy)
SUBLEYRAS, Pierre (1699-1749) French painter
SULLY, Thomas (1783-1872) American painter
SUSINI, Antonio (before 1580-1624) Italian sculptor
SUSTERMANS, Justus (1597-1681) Flemish painter
SUSTRIS, Lambert (1515/20-after 1568) Dutch painter
SUVÉE, Joseph-Benoit (1743-1807) Flemish painter
SWANENBURG, Isaac Claesz. van (1537-1614) Dutch painter (Leiden)
SWANEVELT, Herman van (c. 1600-1655) Dutch painter
SWEERTS, Michiel (1624-1664) Flemish painter
SYRLIN, Jörg the Elder (1420s-1481) German sculptor (Ulm)

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