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GADDI, Agnolo (1350-1390) Italian painter (Florence)
GADDI, Taddeo (1300-1366) Italian painter (Florence)
GAGGINI, Antonello (1478-1536) Italian sculptor (Sicily)
GAINSBOROUGH, Thomas (1727-1788) English painter
GALEN, Nicolaes van (active 1657) Dutch painter
GALGARIO, Fra (see GHISLANDI, Vittore) (1655-1743) Italian painter (Bergamo)
GALLE, Cornelis (1576-1650) Flemish engraver (Antwerp)
GALLE, Philip (1537-1612) Flemish engraver (Antwerp)
GALLE, Theodor (1571-1633) Flemish engraver (Antwerp)
GALLEGO, Fernando (1440-1507) Spanish painter
GANO DI FAZIO (active 1300-1350) Italian sculptor (Siena)
GARCIA, Pere (active 1455-1479) Spanish sculptor (Barcelona)
GAREMIJN, Jan Antoon (1712-1799) Flemish painteer (Bruges)
GARNIER, François (d. 1672) French painter (Paris)
GAROFALO (1476-1559) Italian painter (Ferrara)
GAULLI, Giovanni Battista (see BACICCIO) (1639-1709) Italian painter (Rome)
GEERTGEN tot Sint Jans (1460/65-1490) Dutch painter (Haarlem)
GELDER, Aert de (1645-1727) Dutch painter (Dordrecht)
GELDORP, Gortzius (1553-1616) Flemish painter
GENTILE DA FABRIANO (1370-1427) Italian painter
GENTILESCHI, Artemisia (1597-1651) Italian woman painter
GENTILESCHI, Orazio (1563-1639) Italian painter
GÉRARD, François (1770-1837) French painter
GERHAERT VAN LEYDEN, Nicolaus (active 1462-1473) Netherlandish sculptor (Germany)
GERHARD, Hubert (c. 1550-1620) German sculptor
GÉRICAULT, Théodore (1791-1824) French painter
GHEERAERTS, Marcus the Younger (1562-1636) Flemish painter (London)
GHERARDI, Antonio (1638-1702) Italian painter/architect (Rome)
GHERARDO DI GIOVANNI (active c. 1450-1500) Italian miniaturist
GHEYN, Jacob de II (1565-1629) Dutch engraver/painter (The Hague)
GHIBERTI, Lorenzo (1378-1455) Italian sculptor (Florence)
GHIRLANDAIO, Domenico (1449-1494) Italian painter (Florence)
GHIRLANDAIO, Ridolfo (1483-1525) Italian painter (Florence)
GHISLANDI, Vittore (1655-1743) Italian painter (Bergamo)
GIAMBONO, Michele (known 1420-1462) Italian painter (Venice)
GIAMPIETRINO (active 1520-1540 ) Italian painter (Milan)
GIANI, Felice (1758-1823) Italian painter
GIBSON, John (1790-1866) English sculptor
GIJSBRECHTS, Cornelis (c. 1630-after 1675) Flemish painter (Copenhagen)
GIJSELS, Pieter (1621-1690,) Flemish painter (Antwerp)
GILLIS, Nicolaes (active 1610-1630) Dutch painter (Haarlem)
GILLOT, Claude (1673-1722) French painter
GILLRAY, James (1756-1815) English engraver
GIORDANO, Luca (1632-1705) Italian painter (Naples)
GIORGETTI, Antonio (active 1660s) Italian sculptor (Rome)
GIORGIONE (1477-1510) Italian painter (Venice)
GIOTTINO (c. 1324-1369) Italian painter (Florence)
GIOTTO di Bondone (1267-1337) Italian painter (Florence)
GIOVANNI da Balduccio (active 1315-1349) Italian sculptor
GIOVANNI da Bologna (c. 1524-1608) Flemish/Italian sculptor
GIOVANNI da Campione (active 1340-1360) Italian sculptor (Verona)
GIOVANNI da Fiesole (see ANGELICO) (1400-1455) Italian painter (Florence)
GIOVANNI da Milano (active 1350-69) Italian painter
GIOVANNI da Modena (active 1409-1456) Italian painter (Bologna)
GIOVANNI da Nola (c. 1488-1558) Italian sculptor (Naples)
GIOVANNI da Rimini (active 1292-1309) Italian painter (Rimini)
GIOVANNI di Paolo (1403-1483) Italian painter (Siena)
GIRARDON, François (1628-1715) French sculptor
GIRODET DE ROUCY-TRIOSON, Anne-Louis (1767-1824) French painter
GIROLAMO DA TREVISO the Younger (c. 1497-1544) Italian painter
GISLEBERTUS (active 1100-1150) French sculptor
GIULIO ROMANO (1499-1546) Italian painter (Rome)
GIUNTA PISANO (active 1229-1254) Italian painter (Pisa)
GIUSTO de' Menabuoi (1320-1391) Italian painter (Padua)
GLEYRE, Charles-Gabriel (1806-1874) Swiss painter
GLOVER, John (1767-1849) English painter
GOBIN, Michel (active around 1681) French painter (Orléans)
GOES, Hugo van der (1436-1482) Flemish painter (Ghent)
GOLTZIUS, Hendrick (1558-1617) Dutch engraver/painter
GONÇALVES, Nuno (active 1450-71) Portuguese painter
GONZÁLEZ Y SERRANO, Bartolomé (1564-1627) Spanish painter
GORO DI GREGORIO (active 1300-1350) Italian sculptor (Siena)
GOSSAERT, Jan (1478-1532) Flemish painter
GOUJON, Jean (c. 1510-1565) French sculptor
GOVAERTS, Abraham (1589-1626) Flemish painter, (Antwerp)
GOYA Y LUCIENTES, Francisco de (1746-1828) Spanish painter
GOYEN, Jan van (1596-1656) Dutch painter (The Hague)
GOZZOLI, Benozzo (1420-1497) Italian painter (Florence)
GRAFF, Anton (1736-1813) German painter
GRAMATICA, Antiveduto (c. 1571-1626) Italian painter (Rome)
GRANACCI, Francesco (1477-1543) Italian painter (Florence)
GRANDVILLE, Jean-Jacques (1803-1847) French illustrator
GRANET, François-Marius (1755-1849) French painter
GRASSER, Erasmus (c. 1450-1518) German sculptor (Munich)
GRASSI, Giovannino de' (active 1389-1398) Italian miniaturist (Lombardy)
GRAVELOT, Hubert-François (1699-1773) French engraver
GREBBER, Pieter de (c. 1600-1652/53) Dutch painter (Haarlem)
GRECO, El (1541-1614) Spanish painter
GREGORIUS, Albert (1774-1853) Belgian painter
GREUZE, Jean-Baptiste (1725-1805) French painter (Paris)
GRIMMER, Abel (c. 1570-c. 1619) Flemish painter (Antwerp)
GRIMMER, Jacob (c. 1525-1590) Flemish painter (Antwerp)
GROS, Antoine-Jean (1771-1835) French painter
GRÜNEWALD, Matthias (1470/80-1528) German painter
GRUPELLO, Gabriel (1644-1730) Flemish sculptor
GUARDI, Francesco (1712-1793) Italian painter (Venice)
GUARDI, Gianantonio (1699-1760,) Italian painter (Venice)
GUARIENTO d'Arpo (active 1338-1368) Italian painter (Padua)
GUERCINO (1591-1666) Italian painter (Bologna)
GUÉRIN, Jean-Urbain (1761-1836) French miniaturist
GUÉRIN, Pierre-Narcisse (1774-1833) French painter
GUGLIELMO, Fra (c. 1325 - c. 1310) Italian sculptor
GUIDI, Domenico (1625-1701) Italian sculptor (Rome)
GUIDO DA SIENA (active c. 1250-1300) Italian painter (Siena)
GUILLAIN, Simon (1581-1658) French sculptor
GÜNTHER, Franz Ignaz (1725-1775) German sculptor (Munich)
GYSBRECHTS, Franciscus (second half 17th century) Flemish painter

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