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LAER, Pieter van (1592/95-1642) Dutch painter (Rome)
LA FOSSE, Charles de (1636-1716) French painter
LAGRENÉE, Louis (1725-1805) French painter
LA HIRE, Laurent de (1606-1656) French painter
LAIRESSE, Gérard de (1641-1711) Dutch painter (The Hague)
LALLEMANT, Georges (1575/76-1636) French painter
LAMA, Giulia (1681-1747) Italian woman painter (Venice)
LAMBERTI, Piero di Niccolo (c. 1393-1435) Italian sculptor (Venice)
LANCRET, Nicolas (1690-1743) French painter
LANDI, Gaspare (1756-1830) Italian painter
LANDINI, Taddeo (1550-1596) Italian sculptor
LANDSEER, Sir Edwin Henry (1802-1873) English painter
LANFRANCO, Giovanni (1582-1647) Italian painter (Rome)
LANGLOIS, Jérôme-Martin (1779-1838) French painter
LARGILLIÈRE, Nicolas de (1656-1746) French painter
LASTMAN, Pieter Pietersz. (1583-1633) Dutch painter (Amsterdam)
LA TOUR, Georges de (1593-1652) French painter
LA TOUR, Maurice Quentin de (1704-1788) French painter
LAURANA, Francesco (c. 1430-1502) Dalmatian sculptor
LAURI, Filippo (1623-1694) Italian painter (Rome)
LAWRENCE, Sir Thomas (1769-1830) English painter
L'ESTIN, Jacques de (1597-1661) French painter (Troyes)
LE BRUN, Charles (1619-1690) French painter (Paris)
LEDESMA, Blas de (doc. 1602-1614) Spanish painter (Granada)
LEEMPUT, Remigius van (1607-1675) Flemish painter
LEFEBVRE, Claude (1637-1675) French painter
LEFÈVRE, Robert (1755-1830) French painter
LE GROS, Pierre the Younger (1666-1717) French sculptor
LEHMANN, Henri (1814-1882) French painter
LEICHER, Felix Ivo (1727-1812) Austrian painter
LEINBERGER, Hans (mentioned 1510-1530) German sculptor (Landshut)
LELY, Sir Peter (1618-1680) Dutch/English painter
LEMBERGER, Georg (1490/95-1540) German painter
LEMONNIER, Anicet-Charles-Gabriel (1743-1824) French painter
LEMOT, François-Frédéric (1772-1827) French sculptor
LEMOYNE, François (1688-1737) French painter
LEMOYNE, Jean-Baptiste II (1704-1778) French sculptor
LEMOYNE, Jean-Louis (1665-1755) French sculptor (Paris)
LE NAIN, Louis (c. 1593-1648) French painter
LENS, Andries Cornelis (1739-1822) Flemish painter
LEONARDO da Vinci (1452-1519) Italian painter
LEONI, Leone (1509-1590) Italian sculptor
LEONI, Pompeo (1533-1608) Italian sculptor (Spain)
LÉPICIÉ, Nicolas-Bernard (1735-1784) French painter (Paris)
LE SUEUR, Eustache (1616/17-1655) French painter
LEUTZE, Emanuel Gottlieb (1816-1868) American painter
LEYSTER, Judith (1609-1660) Dutch woman painter (Haarlem)
LIBERALE da Verona (c. 1445-1526/29) Italian painter (Verona)
LICINIO, Bernardino (active c. 1500-1550) Italian painter (Bergamo)
LIEFERINXE, Josse (active 1493-1508) French painter (Marseille)
LIEVENS, Jan (1607-1674) Dutch painter (Amsterdam)
LIGOZZI, Jacopo (1547-1627) Italian painter (Florence)
LIMBOURG brothers (1370/80-1416) Flemish painters (Burgundy)
LINARD, Jacques (c. 1600-1645) French painter
LINGELBACH, Johannes (1622-1674) German/Dutch painter
LIOTARD, Étienne (1702-1789) Swiss painter
LIPPI, Filippino (1457-1504) Italian painter (Florence)
LIPPI, Fra Filippo (1406-1469) Italian painter (Florence)
LISBOA, Antonio Francisco (1738-1814) Brazilian/Portuguese sculptor
LISS, Johann (c. 1590-1631) German painter (Italy)
LISSE, Dirck van der (1607-1669) Dutch painter
LLANOS, Fernando (active 1506-1516) Spanish painter (Valencia)
LOCHNER, Stefan (1400-1451) German painter (Cologne)
LOMBARD, Lambert (1505/6-1566) Flemish painter (Liège)
LOMBARDI, Alfonso (1487-1536) Italian sculptor (Emilia)
LOMBARDO, Antonio (c. 1458-1516) Italian sculptor (Venice)
LOMBARDO, Pietro (c. 1435-1515) Italian sculptor (Venice)
LOMBARDO, Tullio (c. 1460-1532) Italian sculptor (Venice)
LONGHI, Alessandro (1733-1813) Italian painter (Venice)
LONGHI, Pietro (1702-1783) Italian painter (Venice)
LOO, Carle van (1705-1765) French painter
LOO, Jacob van (1614-1670) French painter
LOO, Louis Michel van (1707-1771) French painter
LÓPEZ Y PORTANA, Vincente (1772-1850) Spanish painter
LORENZETTI, Ambrogio (1290-1348) Italian painter (Siena)
LORENZETTI, Pietro (1280-1348) Italian painter (Siena)
LORENZETTI, Ugolino (active 1320-1360) Italian painter (Siena)
LORENZETTO (1490-1541) Italian sculptor (Rome)
LORENZO DA VITERBO (c. 1444-1472) Italian painter (Viterbo)
LORENZO DI ALESSANDRO DA SANSEVERINO (documented 1468-1503) Italian painter (Marches)
LORENZO DI CREDI (1459-1537) Italian painter (Florence)
LORENZO DI PIETRO (see VECCHIETTA) (c. 1412-1480) Italian sculptor/painter
LORENZO Monaco (c. 1370-1422) Italian painter (Florence)
LORENZO VENEZIANO (active 1356-1372) Italian painter (Venice)
LORME, Anthonie de (c. 1610-1673) Dutch painter
LOTH, Johann Karl (1632-1698) German painter (Italy)
LOTTO, Lorenzo (1480-1556) Italian painter (Venice)
LOUTHERBOURG, Philip Jacques de (1740-1812) Alsatian painter
LOVISA, Domenico (1690-1750) Italian publisher (Venice)
LUCAS van Leyden (1494-1533) Dutch painter (Leiden)
LUCIANI, Sebastiano (see SEBASTIANO DEL PIOMBO) (1485-1547) Italian painter (Venice)
LUINI, Bernardino (1480-1532) Italian painter (Lombardy)

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