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VACCARO, Lorenzo (1655-1706) Italian sculptor (Naples)
VADDER, Lodewijk de (1605-1655) Flemish painter (Brussels)
VAFFLARD, Pierre-Auguste (1777-1837) French painter
VALDAMBRINO, Francesco di (1363-1435) Italian sculptor (Siena)
VALDÉS LEAL, Juan de (1622-1690) Spanish painter (Seville)
VALENCIENNES, Pierre-Henri de (1750-1819) French painter
VALENTIN DE BOULOGNE (1591-1632) French painter (Rome)
VALKENBORCH, Lucas van (c. 1530-1597) Flemish painter
VALLAYER-COSTER, Anne (1744-1818) French woman painter (Paris)
VALLE, Filippo della (1697-1768) Italian sculptor (Rome)
VANDERLYN, John (1775-1852) American painter
VANNI, Andrea (see ANDREA di Vanni) (c. 1332-1414) Italian painter (Siena)
VANNI, Francesco (1563-1610) Italian painter (Siena)
VANVITELLI, Luigi (1700-1773) Italian sculptor
VARIN, Quentin (c. 1570-1634) French painter
VASARI, Giorgio (1511-1574) Italian painter (Florence)
VASOLDO (see PARACCA, Giovanni) (d. c. 1584) Italian sculptor (Rome)
VÁZQUEZ, Alonso (c. 1565-c. 1608) Spanish painter (Mexico)
VECCHIETTA (c. 1412-1480) Italian sculptor/painter
VEEN, Otto van (1556-1629) Flemish painter
VELÁZQUEZ, Diego (1599-1660) Spanish painter
VELDE, Adriaen van de (1636-1672) Dutch painter (Amsterdam)
VELDE, Esaias van de (1591-1630) Dutch painter (The Hague)
VELDE, Willem van de, the Elder (1611-1693) Dutch painter
VELDE, Willem van de, the Younger (1633-1707) Dutch painter
VENNE, Adriaen Pietersz. van de (1589-1662) Dutch painter (The Hague)
VERBRUGGEN, Gaspar-Pieter the Younger (1664-1730) Flemish painter
VERBRUGGEN, Hendrick Frans (1655-1724) Flemish sculptor (Antwerp)
VERHAEGEN, Theodoor (1701-1759) Flemish sculptor (Mechelen)
VERHAGHEN, Pieter Jozef (1728-1811) Flemish painter
VERHULST, Rombout (1624-1696) Flemish sculptor (Mechelen)
VERMEER VAN DELFT, Jan (1632-1675) Dutch painter (Delft)
VERMEYEN, Jan Cornelisz. (c. 1500-1559) Flemish painter (Brussels)
VERNET, Carle (1758-1836) French painter
VERNET, Claude-Joseph (1714-1789) French painter
VERNET, Horace (1789-1863) French painter
VERONESE, Paolo (1528-1588) Italian painter (Venice)
VERROCCHIO, Andrea del (1435-1488) Italian painter/sculptor
VERSPRONCK, Jan Cornelisz (1597-1662) Dutch painter (Haarlem)
VERVOORT, Michiel the Elder (1667-1737) Flemish sculptor (Antwerp)
VEYRIER, Christophe (1637-1689) French sculptor
VICTORS, Jan (c. 1620-1676) Dutch painter (Amsterdam)
VIEIRA, Jacinto (active 1720s) Portuguese sculptor
VIEN, Joseph-Marie (1716-1809) French painter
VIGARNY, Felipe (see BIGARNY, Felipe) (c. 1470-1543) Spanish architect/sculptor
VIGÉE-LEBRUN, Élisabeth (1755-1842) French woman painter
VIGNON, Claude (1593-1670) French painter
VILADOMAT Y MANALT, Antonio (1678-1755) Catalan painter (Barcelona)
VILLARD DE HONNECOURT (c. 1200-c. 1250) French architect
VINCENT, François-André (1746-1816) French painter
VINCKBOONS, David (1576-1629) Flemish painter (Amsterdam)
VINNE, Vincent van der (1629-1702) Dutch painter (Haarlem)
VINNE, Vincent II Laurensz van der (1686-1742) Dutch painter (Haarlem)
VISCHER, Peter the Elder (c. 1460-1529) German sculptor (Nuremberg)
VISCHER, Peter the Younger (1487-1528) German sculptor (Nuremberg)
VISENTINI, Antonio (1688-1782) Italian engraver (Venice)
VITALE DA BOLOGNA (1289/1309-1359/69) Italian painter (Bologna)
VITTORIA, Alessandro (1525-1608a) Italian sculptor (Venice)
VIVARINI, Alvise (1445-1503) Italian painter (Venice)
VIVARINI, Antonio (c. 1415-1476/84) Italian painter (Venice)
VIVARINI, Bartolomeo (1432-1499) Italian painter (Venice)
VIVIEN, Joseph (1657-1734) French painter
VLIEGER, Simon de (1601-1653) Dutch painter (Amsterdam)
VLIET, Hendrick van (c. 1611-1675) Dutch painter (Delft)
VOLPATO, Giovanni (1733-1803) Italian sculptor
VOLTERRA, Daniele da (see DANIELE da Volterra) (1509-1566) Italian painter/sculptor
VORSTERMAN, Lucas (1596-1675) Flemish engraver (Antwerp)
VOS, Cornelis de (1584-1661) Flemish painter (Antwerp)
VOS, Marten de (1532-1603) Flemish painter (Antwerp)
VOS, Paul de (1596-1678) Flemish painter
VOUET, Simon (1590-1649) French painter
VRANCX, Sebastian (1573-1647) Flemish painter (Antwerp)
VREL, Jacobus (active 1654-62) Dutch painter
VRIES, Adriaen de (1545-1626) Dutch sculptor (Prague)
VROOM, Hendrick Cornelisz. (1566-1640) Dutch painter (Haarlem)

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